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Greek Life


CPH Fall 2014 Recruitment

Come meet members of the fraternity community and learn how to become a part of CPH organizations.  

  • CPH Info Session - Tuesday, August 26th from 6-8pm in 400B TUC
  • CPH Meet the Chapters - Wednesday, August 27th from 6-8pm in TUC Atrium

For more information contact our recruitment team at

Panhellenic Recruitment registration is $30. 

Registration for 2014 Panhellenic Recruitment is now closed.

Check out the full 2014 recruitment schedule HERE!

Panhellenic Council (CPH) sorority recruitment is formal, and requires you to register. Each fall, all of the sororities have recruitment at the same time. When you register for recruitment, you are assigned a Recruitment Guide (also called a “Rho Gamma”). This Recruitment Guide guides you through the entire recruitment process from start to ­finish.

Fall 2014 Formal Recruitment will take place

September 4th-7th and 12th-14th. 

During this time, you meet sorority members and learn about each sorority. Sorority recruitment is a “mutual selection process”: after each day of recruitment, you preference your favorite sororities and the sororities do the same for the women going through recruitment. Your preferences narrow down until the fi­nal day of recruitment, “Bid Day,” when it is revealed which sorority invites you to join. 99% of women going through recruitment are matched to a sorority and join.

Some sororities may continue to recruit after the fall. But this varies from year to year. So your only guarantee to check out every sorority is to participate in fall recruitment.


Panhellenic Recruitment Directors