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Resource Center

This section of the Fraternity and Sorority Life website is designed to provide a wide variety resources that members, and non-members, of our fraternity and sorority community may find useful. From university calendars to health and wellness resources, the hope is to put important info at your fingertips. Use these resources for personal reference and to help with your fraternity or sorority operations.


The COMMUNITY PILLARS that guide Fraternity and Sorority Life are Leadership Development, Intellectual Development, Philanthropy & Service, Social Responsibility & Citizenship, and Values Integration & Personal Growth.

We are committed tosupporting the University's vision of Creating our Third Century.

Click the side image to go to the President's plan for the university. There you can also find a copy of the UC2019 Plan: Accelerating our Transformation.

Event Guide

University Conferencing, Campus Scheduling and Summer Conferences are now Conference & Event Services (this change occurred last year). Click the the side image to go to Conference & Event Services and to schedule space on campus—from weekly meeting space to cookouts to banquets.

It is important that fraternities and sororities know how to properly schedule space on campus. There are a number rules and policies that govern the use of campus space, particularly spaces such as TUC and MainStreet. It's your responsibility to know these rules and policies, and to follow them. This includes:

  • Requesting space far enough in advance, cancellation and no-show fees
  • Food, drink, and requirements for catering services
  • A/V and other technology requests, room arrangements
  • Charging for admission, selling products, or soliciting at your event
  • Public Safety, grounds fees, grill/fire permits, hook up to water or electricity
  • Banners, flyers, chalking, and other promotion

University of Cincinnati Academic and University Calendars

Semesters Conversion

The Inter-Greek Council is assembling a semesters conversion "task force" to review the Fraternity and Sorority Life programs and events calendar to recommend changes to the community for a successful transition to the 2012-2013 academic year.