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The University of Cincinnati Club Soccer Team is a competitive, organized group of graduates and undergraduates competing in the Midwest Alliance Soccer Conference.  Led by Coach Randy Anderson, the club has finished at the top of the tables over the last few seasons, making a run to the knockout stages at the 2010 national tournament.

Fall 2012 Team Roster

The University Of Cincinnati Men's Club Soccer Program would like to thank the nearly one hundred prospective student athletes for their participation in this year tryouts . The unprecedented response this year was nearly overwhelming and led to some very difficult decisions for the coaches. For those not fortunate enough to make the team, we would like to encourage you to continue to hone your skills in anticipation of our spring tryouts where you will have another opportunity to compete for a spot on the best collegiate club soccer program in the midwest. To those of you who are listed on the roster below, we would like to welcome you to the team and express our appreciation for the time and effort that you will sacrifice for our program this season. We will have 2 teams for the fall with the details for Black and Red teams rosters to be completed this coming week.

1 Joey Sandmann

2 Adam Mackeson

3 Sam Arnsby

4 Joe Day

5 Zack Radabaugh

6 Jake Kallenbach

7 Jake McDonald

8 Zach Dourson

9 Zach McClurg

10 Andrew Shuster

11 Kevin Tresplacios

12 Peter Harten

13 Jared Haggit

14 Diehl Miller

15 Tim Farell

16 Ryan Whitaker

17 Cody Dawson

18 Stephan Grumwald

19 Matt Stockwell

20 Brendan Obrien

21 Max Bucher

22 Jake Tetrault

23 Steve Balash

24 Sebastian Beck

25 Jeremy Fernandes

26 Andrew Shroll

27 Jason Kohorst

28 Adam Conner

29 Javier Maldhonado

30 Slater Morgan

31 Mark Vetere

32 Ryan Shea

33 Troy Hanson

34 Will Dulle

35 Liam O'Rourke

36 James Brink

37 Jimmy Forde

38 Cody Huntley

39 Bill Losekamp

40 Connor Pattan

41 Paul Gamber

42 Bryce Stuart

Coach Randy Anderson

Coach Ryan Halvorsen

Coach Blaine Callahan

Goal Keepers Trainer Josh Kellems