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Welcome to the Club!

Welcome to the official website of the University of Cincinnati Cycling Club. We are a nationally competitive club sport with a goal of introducing cycling to students and developing their cycling ability across all skill levels and areas of interest. We include road riders, mountain bikers, cyclocrossers, triatheletes, and time-trialists - anything with two wheels.

Why do you Ride?
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The club encourages racing local and collegiate races. Most races will be payed for by the club. See all the hardwork and let it pay off.



Train with Garmin, Powertap hubs, Cyclops trainers, and track progress with lactate threshold testing. All provided for club memebers!



Whether it is racing or our annual cycling spring break trip, the club can take you places. Members have been all over for races and events including Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida.

Choose your weapon.
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Got a road bike? We have weekly group rides leaving from UC! Or you can enter into long distance races or crits.



Bring out the cross bike this fall. We participate in Ohio Valley Cyclocross trials, races, and events. Mountain bikes are legal for cross racing!



Mountain biking in the club and in Cinci is growing. Join us for group rides at Devou Park or test your skills in local cross country races or the tri-state 6 hour enduro races.

Get Involved.
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Not sure, eh?

As long as you have a well-maintained bike, a good helmet, and you want to get involved, we would love to have you. There is no pressure to race or do a discipline you do not want to. Join to train, join to travel, join to meet new people. Bring out the bmx bike, the tri bike or the tandem bike! We would love to have you!

Want to Join?
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