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The Officers
President   Vice President   Secretary   Treasurer   Web Admin  
Sam Ransohoff   Mike Emerson   Jake Kastens   Kyle Melling   Benjamin Horn  

The Club
Jacob Henningson   Dave Jackson   Chauncey Joyce   Mallory Kaplan   Mitch Powers  
Dan Tokarczyk   Rachel Stewart   Kipp Silber 321321321   Mallory Kaplan   Mitch Powers  
The Graduates
Jacob Kastens   Max Lamme   John Lewnard   Kyle Melling   Brandon Miller
  Mechanical Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering   Biomedical Engineering   Aerospace Engineering
Road   Road/MTB   Road   Road/MTB   Road/MTB
Joe Perrault   Brady Ramsaur   Sam Ransohoff   Rob Schroder   Kipp Silber
Aerospace Engineering   Politcal Science and Economics   Biology/Pre-Med
  Accounting   Information Technology
MTB   Road   Road   Road   Road