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Group Budget Award

This award is meant to be used for events or purchases that a GSA deems necessary for community building amongst their constituent graduate students. Every GSA is entitled to a fixed amount each year, based on their student enrollment. The GSGA Vice-President is in charge of allocating this amount to each of the groups, as well as notifying each group of their fund amounts. There is no pre-approval required to use this award. Groups can use the allocated amount in one go or spread it over the entire GSGA year. This amount has no bearing on individual student awards.  

Please click on the following link to see the amount of Group Budget funding available to each group this fiscal year.


General Rules

Please read ALL these general rules before planning an event.

·         No computers / technology items / alcohol / gift card purchases can be reimbursed. It is a good idea to check with the GSGA Vice-President or Treasurer before planning to spend the budget amount.

·         If you are making a Group Budget related purchase through UC Bookstore, Classic Fare Catering, Mick & Mack's, Caminetto, Faculty Club, CenterCourt, MarketPointe, Housing Services, Kingsgate Conference Center, MainStreet Operations, Campus Recreation Center, Campus Vending Services, UC Printing and Duplicating, or Summer Conferencing, GSGA can pay for these directly. Please contact the GSGA Treasurer [treasurer.ucgsga (at)] before placing your order for more information.

·         In the instance that multiple people paid for items for an event, each payee must submit their own envelope with the below materials.

·         Late submissions will be summarily rejected. NO exceptions!


Group Budget Award Reimbursement

1.     After the event/purchase, each individual who paid for an item(s) must collect the following:

-all original itemized receipts, which must include the method of payment (cash, credit, check)

-a list of attendees if applicable

-a completed Group Budget Claims form

2.     All of those documents need to be submitted in an A114 envelope (aka "Request for Payment" envelope, available outside the GSGA office), within 14 days of event/purchase. You only need to fill in the following fields on the A114 envelope:

-Payee’s name, mailing address, additional street address (if necessary), city/state/zip code, M-Number

-Amount to be paid

-Payment description (For example, you may write something like "Food for a Nursing Graduate Student Association meeting.")

-Submitted by (print name and sign), date

-Organizational unit (name), phone, and mail location



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