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Graduate Student Association Registration

All graduate student associations (GSAs) must register with the GSGA and Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD). There can only be one graduate group per program registered with the GSGA. Several programs may come under one GSA. The GSGA registration (Step 1 and 2 below) helps secure funding for the GSAs and their graduate student constituents. Additionally the SALD registration (Steps 3-8 below) will provide the benefits and privileges listed in their handbook:

Please Note: Graduate student associations under the GSGA are NOT eligible for funding from SALD/UFB.

Please follow ALL of these steps below to register your graduate group for the 2014-2015 academic year. The deadline for registration with GSGA and SALD is October 17. (If your GSA officer elections are schedule for after this date, please contact the GSGA Vice-President and Campus Ambassador.)

1.     Complete this spreadsheet and send it to the GSGA Vice-President at vicepres.ucgsga (at) and GSGA Campus Ambassador at campusambass (at)

2.     Obtain the following information for 4 Officers, the Faculty Advisor for the GSA and the Department Head (the Webmaster position information is not required for submission; only include it if your GSA has one or a fifth officer)
o    Name
o    M Number
o    Office Address (Dept address is fine)
o    Phone Number
o    Email Address (one that is checked regularly is preferred) 

3.     Obtain the Names and M Numbers of at least 10 current graduate students in your GSA and save it into a .txt file.

4.     Have one of the officers or the faculty advisor of your group from the last academic year login here Update the officer information first and then re-register with the new roster file. The constitution and by-laws do not have to be uploaded again while re-registering.

A.     If you are a new group OR cannot have one of the previous officers/advisor do the Step 4 above, log in, go to the tab "Organizations" and click on "Register New Organization" on the lower left side of the page. You will still need the information from Steps 2 and 3 above. Look through the list of organizations under "Organizations" tab to see if your group is already listed and was registered last year.  Additionally you also need to upload constitution and bylaws documents.

5.     Attend the GSA Officer Orientation Workshop hosted by the GSGA (TBD). The location will be announced shortly. The workshop agenda will be posted here in the future. This is a mandatory workshop for all GSAs under the GSGA. At least one officer (preferably the treasurer) from every graduate group must attend this workshop. In the event no one is available on that date, at least one officer must then attend the make-up workshop with the GSGA Treasurer. Please email them at  treasurer.ucgsga (at) to set up an appointment. 

6.     Please read this information that is applicable to all student groups at UC:




If you have any questions, please contact the GSGA Vice-President at vicepres.ucgsga (at)



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