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Health Sciences Graduate Association

Officer 1 / President: Gregory Bick – bickgp (at)


Officer 2 / Vice-President:Jed Kendall – jed.James.Kendall (at)


Officer 3 / Treasurer: Michelle Glaunert – michelle.glaunert (at)


Officer 4 / Secretary: Ozlem Erden – Ozlem.erden (at)


Officer 5: William Scott – sirwilliamjohnscott (at)

Group Advisor: Robert Highsmith –highsmrf (at)

Official Website:

Official Mailing List : MED-OHSGS (at)

Current Group Status: ACTIVE

Constituent Departments/Programs:

Biomedical Engineering 

Biomedical Sciences -FLEX OPTION- 

Biostatistics (Environmental Health) 

Cell & Molecular Biology 

Clinical and Translational Research 

Developmental Biology

Epidemiology (Environmental Health) 

Genetic Counseling 


Industrial Hygiene (Environmental Health) 

Molecular & Developmental Biology 

Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, & Microbiology 

Molecular, Cellular & Biochemical Pharmacology 

Neuroscience/Medical Science Scholars Interdisciplinary 

Occupational Medicine 

Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 

Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine 

Physical Therapy 

Physiology (See also Systems Biology and Physiology) 

Public Health - Evidence Based

Public Health - Health Education/Health Promotion 

Radiological Sciences (Medical Physics) 

Systems Biology and Physiology 

Toxicology (Environmental Health) 

Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences

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