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Tips for completing the Student Travel Authorization (Student TA) form

Before undertaking any travel, every individual student must complete a Student Travel Authorization (Student TA) form and submit it to the GSGA office. If students are traveling in a group, each student must submit this form; please do not submit one as a group. The MS Word format of this form is available here. Mac and Linux users may can use this PDF version of the same form. Please type your information directly into the document .


The Student TA form must be signed by your research advisor/academic supervisor/guide/department head first. A sample completed Student TA form is available here. Use it as a reference for how to fill out one. The form will remain in the GSGA office. There is no deadline for submitting this form signed, but it must be done before the travel is undertaken and a week ahead is suggested. If you forget to do this before you travel, make sure you submit this form, duly signed, along with your receipt submission. Make sure the Student TA form is dated before the travel.



Make sure you and your advisor sign the form. If you do not have a research advisor, get the signature of your department head.



Try to keep personal travel separate from official travel to avoid processing delays after the travel.



Ignore the "For internal use by unit:" comment in the dollar amount box and enter the dollar amount requested from GSGA.



When completed you can either bring it in during GSGA office hours or drop it in the box outside 683 Steger or send it to ML 0193 via UC intra-mail.




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