University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Honors Seminars

In honors seminars, faculty challenge students with creative projects and experiences that take learning beyond the typical classroom. Honors seminars are typically small (15-25 students) and discussion based - an ideal way to connect with faculty and peers from across disciplines.

Honors seminars challenge and broaden the intellectual horizons of University Honors students at all levels, regardless of the disciplines in which students are majoring. First year students are welcome to enroll in honors seminars. Typically, there are no pre-requisites.

Honors seminars are designed uniquely for honors students and are expected to align with one or more of the thematic areas - community engagement, global studies, leadership, and research and creative arts. They are also expected to engage students in experiential learning, taking learning beyond the typical classroom.

Most honors seminars can be used to fulfill BoK (general education) requirements as well as honors requirements. Typically, 30 honors seminars are offered each year. Some are repeated, while others change each year. 

Faculty compete annually to teach honors seminars. To learn more about that process, as well as pedagogy, content and structure, visit the honors seminar faculty webpage.

A course must be included in the particular list for the quarter in which it is taken in order for it to count as an honors seminar (and, therefore, to count towards your honors graduation requirements). Other courses offered at UC that happen to have the word "seminar" (or "special topics") in the title are not considered to be honors seminars (unless they are included in one of the lists on this webpage).

For students admitted to the University Honors Program in or after 08A
To graduate with honors, you are required to document each honors seminar you complete within your learning portfolio. Please use the Learning Portfolio Documentation Guide to assist you in documenting your learning (students using iWebfolio may use the e-portfolio documentation guide). 

Contact an honors academic advisor at 513-556-6254 or

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Honors Seminar Listings

2014-2015 Academic Year
Fall Semester 2014
Spring Semester 2015
Summer Semester 2015

2013-2014 Academic Year
Fall Semester 2013
Spring Semester 2014
Summer Semester 2014

2012-13 Academic Year
Fall Semester 2012
Spring Semester 2013
Summer Semester 2013

2011-12 Academic Year
Autumn 2011
Winter 2012
Spring 2012
Summer 2012

2010-11 Academic Year
Autumn 2010
Winter 2011
Spring 2011
Summer 2011

2009-10 Academic Year
Autumn 2009
Winter 2010
Spring 2010
Summer 2010


Learn about the honors seminar proposal process which takes place annually in the fall, for honors seminars to be offered in the following academic year.

Seminars with Study Tours/Study Abroad

Check the listing of honors seminars with travel components!

Special Notes

  • Class meeting days/times subject to change. See OneStop for the most up-to-date information.
  • BoK's included in lists below are for reference only. Check your DPA or class listings on OneStop for official information.