University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Summer 2010 Honors Seminars



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15SOC395H Space Ship Earth: Theory and Practice 603211 TH 9:30-10:45am R. A. Wight SS

This course focuses on the achievements, problems, and goals of the human species. Given projected human population by the year 2050, we will access and evaluate courses of action to mitigate our impacts on the Earth.  This is a community engagement course with two mandatory field trips.

The instructor will coordinate field trips times with the class during the first class meeting. The instructor will work with students to find times that fit schedules.
Please bring your calendars to class.

Field trips will be to the Rumpke Recycling Center (in St. Bernard) and to the Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage (in Price Hill). Students will take the bus together to these locations.

38HNRS360H Global Studies Canceled R. Templeman DC, SS
This class has been canceled for summer quarter, due to low enrollment.
38HNRS370H Exploring Leadership 603070 TH 3:30-4:45pm R. Robles SE
A historical perspective of leadership and exploration of leadership theories and their applications.
TBA Live Well Collaborative Studios TBA TBA TBA N/A

Live Well Collaborative studios are open to juniors and seniors of all majors with an interest in creating product and service innovations for the 50+ age segment. Students work with faculty and corporations to conduct research and develop ideas within an interdisciplinary environment encompassing design, engineering, business, medicine, anthropology and social science. Projects have already been completed for P&G, General Mills, Hill-Rom and Citigroup. 

The project sponsor for summer is to be announced.

Class sessions are not a standard classroom lecture format, but rather a time for company presentations, group work, and faculty/student collaboration. Work will also be completed outside of the class. Students will not have tests or individual assignments but will be graded on the contributions made on the final project deliverables to the company sponsor. 

Students can register for 3-6 hours of credit (depending on what fits into a student's schedule; most students register for 6). The number of special topics hours awarded is determined by the number of academic credits earned.

Interested College of Business students should email a resume to Dr. Karen Machleit; all other students (DAAP, Engineering, Arts & Sciences, etc.) should contact Craig Vogel for more information (including course and call number, as well as the company and project focus). 

Read more about the Live Well Collaborative on DAAP's website.