University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Summer 2011 Honors Seminars

Course Number

Course Title Call Number Day/Time Professor BoK
38HNRS371H Parametric Thinking and Non-Linear Design (Special Topics in Digital Media) 103665 TH 5:30-7:20pm M. Tang N/A

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Focuses on the research of parametric thinking and procedural modeling techniques associated with digital fabrication and form-finding within architectural design. The outcome of this new procedure surpasses traditional views of an optimized single solution that travels down a linear pipeline – architect, engineer, contractor and fabricator – to seek approval from various design professionals before fabrication begins. Instead, this approach offers an interactive information model which contains parameters that perform actions based on the specialization of various design professionals. Within a parametric field, the information model instantly acknowledges any errors in the design or fabrication process.

Students will learn the design logic and generative processes, as well as the potential of parametric thinking as a resourceful tool for achieving diversity and complexity in form generation and fabrication. With a minimum input and knowledge of details of all the individual professions, the parametric model becomes one that allows an individual to seek novel and buildable designs. It is the seamless transition between the human brain and the computer processes that allows the architecture field to reach new innovations. By utilizing parametric thinking and none-linear design pipeline, an individual is realizing the marriage of the dynamic digital and static physical world through an interdisciplinary collaboration that emerges in the architecture field.

This class would be useful for honors students in fields such as engineering or any information processing field.

*This class is joined with the DAAP class 23ARCH794 which is for graduate students; interested University Honors students should register for 38HNRS371H as noted above.

15COMM390H Communication and Civic Engagement 103095 MWF
8:00-8:50am, full quarter 10 weeks
M. Sharp DC, SE
This seminar is focused on a particular civic context each semester. The civic context for this quarter will be an organization such as the Freestore Foodbank, their core values, and the communities that they serve. The course is designed to integrate civic topics/issues from multiple disciplines by engaging students in civic discourse within that context. Within each context, students will identify issues of current importance, study related rhetorical strategies, determine target audiences, and develop communication strategies and messages to engage in civic discussion. Each student will be required to evaluate public discourse on issues, give classroom presentations, offer peer critiques, and contribute to a final civic participation project with a venue and target audience to be determined by the class. Students will explore the range of civic engagement opportunities presented by the communities in which we live and our interactions with its community members.