University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Summer 2013 Honors Seminars

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Course Number   Title     Call #   Days/Time    Instructor    BoK   
HNRS3099 Creativity and Change Workshop: Building and Crafting Sustainable Neighborhoods (Honors Independent Study) 803305;
MUST register for 3 credit hours.
13US.B -
2nd Session, June 10 - July 10

F. Russell N/A

This is an interdisciplinary course that will bring together students from different programs to collaborate in a workshop to examine community issues that have immediate impact on their everyday lives. The context will be the UC campus and the surrounding areas. Students will have the opportunity, during the workshop, to collaborate with stakeholders and community leaders from these neighborhoods.

Students will be organized to investigate the urban environment around the UC campus and the surrounding areas to examine their role in the changing environments where they study and live. Students will develop skills necessary to point out the problems and the constraints they face in their everyday lives in areas such as safety, transportation, housing, community engagement, access to city resources and amenities (cultural, environmental, artistic), urban aesthetics, and others. The investigation will be the starting point for student visions through design and policy that can adapt to the necessities and needs of the surrounding urban environment. Topics will be discussed at the preliminary stages in order to design conceptual frameworks that are justifiable and feasible to inform policies and practices. The overall goal of the workshop is “to create safe, friendly, vibrant, and sustainable neighborhoods around the UC campus that will positively affect students and community inhabitants’ daily lives.”

Students of all disciplines are encouraged to enroll.

*Class meeting time is flexible on MWF between 9am-5pm. Students must contact Frank (Francis) Russell, instructor, to determine the hours that the student will engage in class on MWF between 9am-5pm. Students will be expected to engage in class for at least 37 hours during the term.

*Students must register for the course for three credit hours. The course is listed as variable credit - you must register for three credit hours.

HNRS3068 Sport and Multiculturalism 802964 TR 3:30-4:50pm;
full summer term.
K. Grace DC, SE

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with the varieties of sport throughout the world and how sport has an interrelationship with politics, religion, urbanization, education, economics, and cultural assimilation.

Through readings, presentations, and discussions, the student will achieve an understanding of sport in different ethnic, racial, and national groups; develop a critical look at the role of sport in world affairs both in the past and in the 21st century; and express his/her views on transglobalization in a thoughtful and analytical fashion.

A note to the student: Please be aware that this is not a course on sports trivia nor is it intended to glamorize sport.  Rather, we will examine sport as an integral part of human culture and as an important part of global life.

HNRS2020 Exploring Leadership 802880 13US.E -
2nd 5 Week Term

MWF 10:10am-Noon
K. Dillard SE, SS
Designed especially for first and second year students (but open to all), as the gateway to the leadership thematic area of the UHP. Course activities, assignments and discussion will cover foundational leadership theories that have been influential to many of today's popular leadership theories and emerging transformational lines of thought. The overall outcome is for students to develop an interpersonal and intrapersonal understanding of the process of leadership.