University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Summer 2014 Honors Seminars

We are developing the listing of honors seminars. Typically, only a couple are offered in summer. This page will be updated as information becomes available. Please contact your honors academic advisor with questions.

  Course Number     Title       Call #       Day/Time     Instructor     BoK      
ENGL2089 (honors section only) Intermediate English Composition - Honors 102095 TR 8:00-11:20am Session A from June 2 - July 3

This course emphasizes critical reading and writing, advanced research and argument skills, and rhetorical understanding of language as it is used in different discourse communities.

Honors sections will require students to conduct field research in a local community setting. This research will serve to amplify and enrich the related secondary research gathered. In addition, since English 2089 focuses on discourse community conventions and genre characteristics, the students' field research will be one of the primary ways that students come to appreciate and investigate these issues.

FAM2025 (honors section only) Women in Music 100873 Session A (June 2 - July 3)

MWF 11:00am-1:40pm
Jewel Smith SE, FA
The history of music has largely been written from a male perspective. An investigation of women’s roles as composers, performers, and patrons reveals their achievements that have been largely ignored because of their gender. We will study women of diverse races, classes, and cultures and the historical issues that impacted or limited their work. Although the cultural and societal values change over time and geographic locations, it is evident that suppression and exploitation are recurring themes with regard to social status, education, economics, politics, religion, or racial prejudice. This course fulfills the criteria for a both a diversity and culture, and fine arts requirements by investigating women of diverse ethnic groups and class in the classical, gospel, rock, jazz, country, and popular fields of music.
HNRS2020 Exploring Leadership 102337

T, 3:30-6:30 pm

Full summer term

E. Alanson SE, SS
Course activities, assignments and discussion will cover foundational leadership theories that have been influential to many of today's popular leadership theories and emerging transformational lines of thought. The overall outcome is for students to develop an interpersonal and intrapersonal understanding of the process of leadership.