University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Women, Population and Development

Fall 2011 honors seminar with study tour to Ghana.

This seminar will address issues of developing countries and the so called "population" problem. It will largely focus on women and developing societies with particular emphasis on Africa. It will provide a historical overview of theories that link population to development and/or poverty. We will begin the course with theories of development and/or underdevelopment and conclude with discussions of current theoretical applications that explicitly integrate women, population and development into a single dialogue.

The first learning objective of this course is to raise critical questions about western assumptions of the perils of population expansion in developing societies. In doing so, we will explore the political and economic underpinnings of population policies and their consequences for women in poor countries.

A second learning objective is to expose students to the practice of development by giving them a real life perspective on development issues facing women in developing countries. In doing so, we will engage in a study tour to Accra, Ghana in December 2011 to visit with and learn about the work and research of NGOs in this field. While in Ghana, the group will likely work with the Ark Foundation.

Course number is 15AFST300H. BoKs - SE, SS. Class will meet on Wednesdays from 3:00-5:20pm in fall quarter.

Study Tour Itinerary
Study tour dates will fall between December 9-19, 2011. Note that Friday, December 9 is the last day of finals week. It is the student's responsibility to make alternate arrangements with their instructors for any final exams that are scheduled for Dec. 9.

Possible site visits in Ghana are (subject to change):

  • WEB Dubois Memorial Center
  • The Ark Foundation
  • Osu "Slave" Castle
  • University of Ghana
  • Nkrumah Center
  • Aburi Botannical Gardens

Estimated costs for this course/study tour (subject to change):
-$1800-$2000 - plane ticket
-$1800 - programmatic costs (including accommodations, ground transportation in Ghana, tours and admission tickets, and faculty costs)

Total expected cost then is $3600-$3800. This is offset by a $1000 grant from University Honors which acts as a program discount, making the actual total expected cost $2600-$2800 (see details below for more information on the grant).

University Honors will provide each student with a $1000 grant to offset costs. This grant acts as a program discount. Students who are not in University Honors will also receive the $1000 grant.

Expected costs will be updated as final travel plans are made and are highly contingent upon airfare.

Costs do not include passport, visa, most meals (including at airports), snacks, vaccinations (Yellow Fever required), personal supplies, souvenirs, insurance or ISIC card (international student identity card, $22).

Students are required to purchase an ISIC (International Student Identity Card) from UC International for $22. This is not included in the total expected cost.

Participants can apply for grants from UC International. You must have a current FAFSA on file to be eligible for a grant from UC International.

Application required. Application deadline has been extended and applications are still being accepted. Applications will be accepted as space is available. Interested students are encouraged to apply!

Download the application in MS Word.

UC undergraduates who are not in the University Honors Program are encouraged to apply, provided the student has a cumulative university GPA of 3.4 or above. Graduate students are not eligible to enroll. 

Vaccinations and Health Precautions
Contact your physician to discuss what vaccinations and heath precautions (like taking antibiotics with you) are recommended.

Yellow Fever vaccination is required. All participants must be vaccinated and carry with them proof of yellow fever vaccination.

All participants should carefully read the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) webpage on Ghana.

Contact the faculty director Dr. Carolette Norwood ( or Debbie Brawn (

University of Ghana
University of Ghana
Postcard from Ghana
Postcard from Ghana
Postcard from Ghana