University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Telling True Stories in Tanzania: A Journalism Seminar

Spring Semester Honors Seminar with Study Tour to Tanzania!

TR 3:30-4:50pm

On Friday, May 17, the class displayed their photgraphy, video shorts, and their documetnary Schooled. UC student newspaper,The News Record, created a photo gallery of the event. You can also watch Schooled by clicking here.

Telling True Stories in Tanzania is an intensive semester-long journalism boot-camp, including the basics of reporting, interviewing and writing for multiple media platforms, culminating with the creation of an interactive website and video documentary. No previous journalism experience is required for this seminar.  While this course touches on global studies, its main emphasis will be cross-cultural community engagement.

You will learn from immigrants and NGO professionals as we construct our documentary with the support of Village Life Outreach, which has been working in Tanzania since 2004. Through hands-on training, interviews and cultural research, we will explore the many riches of Tanzanian culture, the impact of the work of VLO as well as the efforts of a new NGO being by Tanzanians. Find out more about VLO here:

During our study abroad, we will meet with village leaders and workers as well as VLO representatives to gain a broader and deeper understanding of the values and the cultures of Tanzania.

We will then return home to complete and edit our documentary projects, which will include video as well as text.

For a good example of this type of project that currently operates at Creighton University, please visit:

Itinerary (Tenative)

This study tour will occur over Spring Break, March 14-25. Please note that the group will leave the day before the start of spring break and return the day after classes begin. Participants will be traveling to and from Tanzania with those in Humanitarianism: Design Thinking Across Disciplines.  While the two courses are seperate, some collaborative discussion during travel should be expected.

March 14:     Fly from Cincinnati to Nairobi, Kenya
March 15:     Arrive in Nairobi
March 16:     Drive to Shirati, Tanzania
March 17-23: Conduct on-the-ground field work/interviews in Shirati
March 24:     Nairobi
March 25:     Return travel to Cincinnati

Shirati, Tanzania


Expected costs will be updated as final travel plans are made and are highly contingent upon airfare.

Total expected cost paid to UC is $2550. The actual cost for UC is $4200, but this will be offset by a $1000 grant from University Honors as well as a $650 grant from UC International, making the actual total expected cost around $2550. All participants will receive the grants.

Costs include airfare, accommodations, visa fee, some meals, ground transportation in Africa, guides and translators, some tips for guides/porters.

Costs do not include tips (est. $25.00) passport, some meals (at airports, in Nairobi), some snacks, vaccinations (Yellow Fever vaccination required), personal supplies (bug spray, sunscreen, etc.), souvenirs, or ISIC (international student identity card, $25). It is recommended that students bring at least $100 USD with them.

Students are required to purchase an ISIC (International Student Identification Card) from UC International for $25. This is not included in the total expected cost.


Vaccinations and Health Precautions

Contact your physician to discuss what vaccinations and heath precautions (like taking antibiotics with you or malaria prevention) are recommended.

Yellow Fever vaccination is required. All participants must be vaccinated and carry with them proof of yellow fever vaccination.

In addition, look at the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) webpages on Tanzania and Kenya (most of your time will be spent in Tanzania, but the group will fly into and out of Nairobi, Kenya).


Other Details

We expect 12-15 students to participate.

The class is expected to meet Tuesdays/Thursdays from 3:30-4:50pm.


All participants must have a valid passport. Passport must be valid for 6 months after travel. Passport costs are the responsibility of the student.


Students must complete an application and an interview in order to participate in this seminar. The application can be found here.

UC undergraduate students who are not in the University Honors Program are welcome and encouraged to apply to participate, provided the student has a cumulative university GPA of 3.4 or above. Graduate students are not eligible to participate.


If you have any questions, please contact Elissa Yancey , the lead professor, or André Durham of the Honors Program.

Group of Tanzanians