University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Community Engagement

Community engagement is more than volunteering your time for a few hours here and there, doing service that makes you feel good, or merely addressing surface-level community challenges. Community engagement means truly understanding the fabric of a community, the interconnections among our various communities, and both the challenges and assets associated therein.

We strongly encourage you to pursue opportunities to engage in the community at all levels.  These opportunities may be local, domestic, or even international.

Learning Outcomes

  • Possesses awareness of purpose of service, including need for reciprocity, understanding of social issues, and ability to see those issues from multiple perspectives
  • Recognizes how public policies and practices, and power and privilege, have an influence on social issues. Explores ways to alter public policy and/or identify solutions
  • Relates, communicates, and works effectively with others towards sustainable social change
  • Participates in community and understands own role as citizen of community

Points to Consider While Writing Your Proposal

  • If you are considering doing a community engagement experience in another country, you need to review our International Travel web page.
  • Connection to Learning Outcomes within an Honors Thematic Area - you should be focusing on how you will be growing and developing within each identified learning outcome, especially for the objective "Possesses awareness of purpose of service, including need for reciprocity, understanding of social issues, and ability to see those issues from multiple perspectives." Think about how your understanding of the specified learning outcome will deepen as a result of this experience and provide examples.
  • Connection to Academic Theories - at least one of the resources that you provide within this section needs to connect to the broader themes of community engagement.  That means you should not list only resources that help you understand the methodology of what you will be doing.
  • Dissemination - If you want to include pictures of those you are working with, be sure to ask their permission to use their image in public displays and presentations.

Community Engagement Opportunities within University Honors

Interested in learning more about Community Engagement?  Here are some opportunities to investigate Community Engagement at UC.

You can also find a multitude of organizations in and around Cincinnati in which you can get involved.

Community Engagement Examples

Here is a selection of Featured Proposals and Reflections. Below, UHP students Julia Tasset and Stephanie Lux founded the UC branch of GlobeMed, an organization that works toward health equity.  The group has partnered with Social Action for Women in Mae Sot, Thailand and travels there annually.