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Katie Wesler

Creativity empowers you to view the world with your imagination. By exploring current or historical thoughts or methods, you can develop tools or perspectives to see opportunities to apply new thoughts. You may also embark upon something truly innovative in concept or production.  The value of your creative work also depends upon your articulation of its effectiveness and impact in observing the world, identifying problems, or developing solutions. 

Learning Outcomes

By engaging in this thematic area, you will make progress towards learning how to…

  • Discover new techniques to gain knowledge, consider options, make new connections, and ask questions.
  • Explore a new creative competency/medium or seek new ways to engage an existing competency/medium.
  • Understand and optimize the use of people, technology, physical resources or community in a creative process.
  • Articulate the broader significance of a creative project and the value of its contributions.