University Honors Program

University Honors Program


"Research is about making something where previously there was nothing; as a researcher, you create brand new knowledge and technology. I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in that process. I have collected data that no one else has collected before and until published, this data will only be known by the few people in my lab. The exclusivity of research is exciting and irresistible; this is why I want to pursue research as a career."       

Lindsay Webb, UHP Distinguished Honors Scholar '14

Learn how to design questions, seek their answers, and share the, inside the laboratory, out in the field, or even in the library.  Research can take many forms and spans every discipline; how will you contribute to the world's knowledge community?

We strongly encourage you to get involved in research and creative projects as an undergraduate.  As defined by the University, research includes not only intellectual activity designed to expand our knowledge and understanding of people and their environment, but also activities in any of the creative and performing arts aimed at interpreting and enhancing that environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to frame and develop the research project question or problem.
  • Possess a well-developed awareness of literature in the field.
  • Formulate a theory, problem, or hypothesis for the proposed research project that is based on the literature review.
  • Ability to identify and apply appropriate methodologies to design research study, and collect and analyze data.
  • Disseminate the research results and knowledge gained.
  • Demonstrate awareness of key weakness/limitations of the research and provide guidance on the most important and fruitful directions for future research on this topic.
  • Ability to think beyond the just completed research and articulate how your world view has been impacted by the experience.

Points to Consider for Writing Your Proposal

  • Abstract - It is easy to get excited about the subject that you are researching, but do not forget to discuss how you will be growing in your understanding of being a researcher.  How are you developing your perspective on how knowledge is generated and disseminated?
  • Reflection - Lab notebooks, and the like, are typically expected within the professional realm of research as a way of documenting your methods.  They are not a form of reflection in themselves.  You need to articulate how you will be reflecting on your personal growth throughout the experience.
  • Budget - If your experience is unpaid, make sure to check out this page. Additionally, remember to note the number of hours that you will be working per week and the total number of weeks in the budget section.
  • If you are considering doing a research experience in another country, you need to review our International Travel web page.

Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities within University Honors

Other Research Opportunities

        *Pre-approved honors experiences

Interested in learning more about Research?  Here are some opportunities to investigate research at UC.

You can also find a multitude of organizations in and around Cincinnati in which you can get involved.

Creating a Poster to Present Your Research?

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Research Examples

Here is a selection of Featured Proposals and Reflections.  Below, Jen Zellner translated newly discovered German fairy tales as well as did a comparative analysis between these stories and the well-known versions of the Grimm Brothers.

Jen Zellner's Website
James Barnett

James Barnett presenting at the
2013 Undergraduate Conference

Class at rural clinic

The Public Health and Infectious Diseases honors seminar investigates differences in health initiatives between urban and rural South Africa

Chris Gonzalez researching

Chris Gonzalez conducting research through the UHP Biomedical Research and Mentoring Program (Biomedical RaMP)

Hannah Randolph's page

Boren Scholarship recipient Hannah Randolph conducted an independent research project on US-China relations

Shahana Prakash research

Shahana Prakash with her poster at the 2013 SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) Capstone Poster Session

Exploring Biomedical Research honors seminar

Exploring Biomedical Research
honors seminar

Physics of Superheroes honors seminar

Final projects from the Physics of Superheroes honors seminar

Patricia Ramirez

Patricia Ramirez after completing her experience in the WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) undergraduate summer research program, a pre-approved honors experience

Making the Metropolis honors seminar on a trip to Washington Park

Making the Metropolis honors seminar on a trip to Washington Park