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Tori Roser

Lindner College of Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship & Deaf Studies certificate
Focus on Leadership & Community Engagement

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What do the Cincinnati SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Lindner College of Business, and the LeaderShape Institute have in common? Just ask University Honors student Tori Roser! As a local student who applied only to UC, Tori always knew that she wanted to attend the University of Cincinnati--or as she puts it, “Bearcat or NOTHING!” What she didn’t realize is that University Honors would play such a large role once she arrived. One of her first honors experiences was an intensive, six-day leadership opportunity called the LeaderShape Institute, which takes place every year during winter break. At LeaderShape, students create a vision for how they want to change the world; Tori says, “[LeaderShape] helps you put your priorities in line and helps you set goals for your future. It really took me out of my element.” The experience also helped her get to know the honors community, which included the advisors as well as other students, and set the stage for many of the other experiences she has had in University Honors and at UC.

Since LeaderShape, Tori has engaged in a number of honors experiences both on and off-campus. She has traveled to Belgium and Europe with the Kolodzik Business Scholars Program in Lindner College of Business, and she also serves as the program’s Vice President of Communication. Tori is also extremely proud of and passionate about her work with animals. She has spent many hours volunteering at the SPCA and the FETCH-Lab at UC’s College of Medicine, where she researches bioacoustics and deaf dogs. These experiences, combined with her formal education in Entrepreneurship, will ultimately lead Tori to a career working with and owning rescue shelters, 24/7 animal care centers, and possibly a dog hotel.

Tori attributes her success in University Honors to the experiences that are available, the additional advising the program provides students, and the more intimate community University Honors offers at an institution the size of UC.

To read more about Tori and her UC and honors experiences, check out her learning portfolio!


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