University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Academic Advisors

University Honors students are assigned to an honors academic advisor by college or, in the case of the College of Engineering and Applied Science and McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, by major. Students can see their advisor by using Starfish to make appointments or utilize walk-in hours.

Erin Alanson (, 513-556-6288) advises honors students in:

  • College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (School of Design)

Jason Autry (, 513-556-6255) advises honors students in:

  • College of Engineering and Applied Science (Aerospace, Architectural, Civil, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Construction Management, Electrical, Environmental, Freshman Engineering Program, Mechanical Engineering)
  • UC Blue Ash
  • UC Clermont

Dominique Brown (, 513-556-6274) advises honors students in:

  • College-Conservatory of Music
  • College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (Schools of Architecture and Interior Design, Art, and Planning)
  • College of Engineering and Applied Science (Biomedical & Chemical Engineering)

André Durham (, 513-556-6213) advises honors students in:

  • College of Allied Health Sciences
  • McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, non-STEMM majors (Africana Studies; Anthropology; Archaeology; Asian Studies; Classical Civilization; Classics; Communication; English; Exploratory Studies; French; German Studies; History; Interdisciplinary Studies; International Affairs; Journalism; Judaic Studies; Liberal Arts; Organizational Leadership; Philosophy; Political Science; Sociology; Spanish; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
  • College of Nursing

Kayti Kennard (, 513-556-1003) advises honors students in:

Ashley Webber (, 513-556-1065) advises honors students in:

  • Carl H. Lindner College of Business
  • College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

Working with Multiple Advisors


University Honors Advisor

College/Faculty Advisor


- Mandatory honors advising       appointment (1x per year)

- Any time you want/need to meet

- Some colleges require students to meet with their advisor before registration.

- Fall and/or spring semester


- Discuss goals, interests, & passions

- Discuss academic, personal, or general questions and/or concerns

- Help you identify honors courses and experiences related to your academic, personal, and professional interests/goals

- Discuss plans for self-designed experiential learning projects and opportunities for grant funding

- Provide answers to questions/concerns regarding major, minor, certificate, and general education requirements

- Assist with course scheduling and planning

- Resolve issues with Degree Audit Reports (DARS)

- Discuss specific questions related to career outlook or internship/research opportunities

- Remove college registration blocks for mandatory advising

- Assist you in articulating and achieving your personal, academic, & professional goals

- Refer you to appropriate campus and community resources

- Provide support in times of challenge

- Celebrate your successes!

Connecting with University Honors Advisors and Staff

In support of our mission, University Honors Program (UHP) staff members serve as advisors, mentors, life coaches, and general "go-to" resources for UHP students. We will support and guide your progress toward meeting UHP requirements. Additionally, the UHP staff is here to:

  • Communicate events and opportunities that will enhance your academic experience
  • Connect you to relevant resources, answers, and people 
  • Assist you in understanding University policies
  • Write letters of recommendations for jobs, volunteer opportunities, scholarships, etc.
  • Celebrate your successes and important milestones
  • Support you during challenges and obstacles
  • Encourage you to explore personal interests and passions
  • Discuss your big-picture academic goals and career interests
  • Provide diverse and multiple perspectives

Our office maintains a welcoming, walk-in environment on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Staff members will make every effort to meet quickly with you to address urgent questions and concerns. Please visit to learn more about all University Honors Program staff members’ backgrounds and interests. Keep in mind that University Honors is also active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin and encourages student/staff/faculty interaction and contributions in all applications.

If you have a less-time sensitive issue to discuss and/or you would prefer to schedule a specific meeting time, you can set up an appointment with your assigned honors advisor via Starfish.


Contact an honors academic advisor at 513-556-6254 or

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University Honors
Academic Advisors
by College and Major

  • A&S, Humanities, Social Sciences, Exploratory Studies - André Durham
  • A&S, STEMM majors  - Kayti Kennard
  • AHS - André Durham
  • LCB - Ashley Webber
  • CCM - Erin Alanson
  • CEAS: ASE, AET, Civil, CompE, CET, CompSci, CM, EE, EnvE, FEP/EASE, ME, MET - Jason Autry
  • CEAS: BME & ChemE - Dominique Brown
  • CECH - Ashley Webber
  • CoM - Kayti Kennard
  • DAAP: School of Design - Erin Alanson
  • DAAP: SAID, Art, Planning - Dominique Brown
  • NUR - André Durham
  • PHARM - Kayti Kennard
  • UCBA - Jason Autry
  • UC Clermont - Jason Autry

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