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FAQs - Advising & Academic

UHP Academic Advising

Who is my University Honors advisor?
University Honors students are assigned to an honors academic advisor by academic discipline. Please see the UHP academic advising webpage to find out which UHP staff member is your advisor.  

When should I meet with my honors academic advisor?
Anytime you'd like to connect! Students who entered the program in or after Fall 2011 are required to meet with their University Honors advisor once per year. Advisors will send information regarding each year's required meeting directly to students. Of course, students may meet with their advisor as often as needed. All other University Honors students are encouraged (but not required) to meet with their advisor every year.

What is the role of my UHP advisor?
Your honors advisor is a good resource to discuss your honors standing, potential honors experiences, creating experiential learning proposals and general questions or concerns regarding life at UC. For scheduling questions, you first stop should be your departmental or college advisor as he/she will have specific knowledge about major and college requirements. 

For a list of UC academic advisors by college, please consult the Registrar’s website:

For additional information on the role of advising in the UHP, please visit this link:

UHP Requirements

Do I have any service hour requirements?
You do not have a service hour requirement for the University Honors Program.  However, if you have a Cincinnatus scholarship and have questions about the Cincinnatus program, please call 513-556-3400 or email Please keep in mind that Cincinnatus and University Honors are two different programs.

What are my University Honors requirements this year?
Please visit our requirements page for more information.

What is the GPA requirement for the University Honors Program?
Ultimately for graduation, you must earn a cumulative university GPA of 3.4 or higher. 

Students are required to have a minimum cumulative university GPA of 3.2 or above at the end of their first (freshman) year.

Students are required to have a minimum cumulative university GPA of 3.3 or above at the end of their second (sophomore) year.

Students are required to have a minimum cumulative university GPA of 3.4 or above by the end of their third year (pre-junior for students in 5 year programs, junior for students in 4 year programs). Students must then maintain a cumulative university GPA of 3.4 or above throughout the rest of their UC career in order to remain in and graduate from the University Honors Program.

For planning purposes, please consult one of the GPA Calculators on this page to help determine forecasting of grades and GPA:

What happens if my GPA falls below the required minimum?
Students who fall below the required minimum at any time will be removed from the University Honors Program.

What happens if I fall behind on my honors requirements?
The best strategy to keep from falling behind on your honors requirements is early and frequent communication with your honors advisor.  UHP advisors will audit students’ records each summer to make sure you are meeting the requirements.  If you are not meeting the requirements, you will be removed from the UHP. If you fall behind, you should meet with your honors advisor and discuss next steps.  If you fail to meet with your advisor after being notified of missing requirements, you will be dropped from the program.

Are there any other reasons that I may be removed from the UHP?
University Honors students are expected to consistently make progress towards graduating from the program. Students who are not making sufficient progress towards University Honors graduation and/or who are not meeting University Honors requirements will be removed from the program.

Students entering the program in and after 10A are required to complete one honors experience per year. If they do not complete an honors experience in their first year, they will be removed from the program.

What is the graduation process?  What is the difference between University Honors Scholar vs. Distinguished University Honors Scholar?  
For information on graduation, please click here.

When should I be documenting in my learning portfolio?  What should I include?
You should be updating your learning portfolio on an on-going basis.  You should document all required courses (Gateway to University Honors and, for students who entered the program prior to Fall 2012, honors English courses) and honors experiences, including both honors seminars and experiential learning projects.  When documenting, refer to this learning portfolio webpage. 

I have AP, IB and/or PSEOP credit. Can it count towards my Honors requirements?
For students admitted into the University Honors Program in 07A or after:
AP, IB or PSEOP credit for 15ENGL101 fulfills the requirement to take 15ENGL101H. AP, IB or PSEOP credit for 15ENGL102 fulfills the requirement to take 15ENGL102H. No other AP, IB or PSEOP credit can count towards University Honors requirements.

For students admitted into the University Honors Program between 99A and 07U:
Up to 6 hours of AP, IB and/or PSEOP credit can count towards students' total hours of honors credit. AP credit is automatically recorded. Students with IB or PSEOP credit must contact the honors advisor to ensure that their honors credit is recorded.

Enrolling in Honors Courses

I am a UC student but am not in the University Honors Program. Can I take an honors class?
A student who is not in the University Honors Program may register for an honors class only if the following requirements are met:

  • The student has a minimum cumulative University GPA of 3.4. (First semester freshmen who do not yet have GPAs are not permitted to enroll in honors classes.)
  • The priority registration period for UHP students has been completed and there is space available in the class.
  • The class is not an honors section of ENGL2089 or HNRS1010  (these classes are open to University Honors students only).
  • The student is an undergraduate. Graduate students are not eligible to enroll in honors courses.

If you meet the above requirements and need permission to register for an honors course, please contact us at or 556-6254 or contact an honors academic advisor.

Are graduate students eligible to enroll in honors courses?
No, graduate students are not permitted to enroll in honors courses.

Honors Courses

What is Gateway to University Honors and when do I need to take it?
Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) is a one credit hour course. All UHP students admitted as incoming freshmen are required to take HNRS1010 during the fall semester of their first year at UC. Learn more about HNRS1010 here.

Where can I find the listings of honors seminars?
Please go to this page -

If I take an honors seminar or other honors course for a pass/fail grade or audit, can it count towards my University Honors Program graduation requirements?
No. Courses taken pass/fail do not count towards UHP graduation requirements. Courses taken as audit do not count towards UHP graduation requirements. Generally, students are not permitted to register for honors seminars as audit.

How do I know if the honors course that I took on quarters counts as an honors experience (if it wasn't listed on the UHP website as an honors seminar)?
While most honors courses on quarters were approved as honors experiences, not all honors designated quarter courses count as an honors experience (there are a some exceptions).  Be sure to check the "courses approved as honors experiences" list and if you are still unsure, please contact your honors advisor. All courses listed as honors seminars on our website count as honors experiences.

Can I earn honors credit for a graduate course(s) that I have taken while an undergraduate student at UC?
Students admitted to the University Honors Program in 07A or after are not permitted to count graduate courses as honors experiences. 

Students who were admitted into the University Honors Program between 99A and 07U could earn honors credit in such a situation. You must have registered for the course for graduate credit and completed the same requirements as the graduate students in the course. You must bring this to the attention of the University Honors academic advisor in order for the honors credit to be awarded.

Honors English

What are the English Composition requirements for the University Honors Program?
Students who enter the University Honors Program in or after fall semester 2012 are not required to complete an honors version of first year English Composition. Students must complete English Composition as directed by their college.

Students who entered the University Honors Program prior to Fall 2012 were expected to successfully complete English 101H and English 102H –OR- English 112 in their first year at UC. If you are unsure of your requirements, please see the requirements page and contact your honors advisor

Is an honors version of ENGL2089 required for UHP students?
No, UHP students are not required to take an honors version of ENGL2089. Please refer to your college requirements to find out if you're required to take ENGL2089 as a UC graduation requirement.

Does ENGL2089 count as an honors experience if I take an honors version (a section with the honors attribute connected to it)?
Yes, honors sections of ENGL2989 or ENGL2089 count as an honors experience.

How is are the honors sections of ENGL2089 different from the regular sections?
ENGL2089 emphasizes critical reading and writing, advanced research and argument skills, and rhetorical understanding of language as it is used in different discourse communities.

Honors sections will require students to conduct field research in a local community setting. This research will serve to amplify and enrich the related secondary research gathered. In addition, since English 2089 focuses on discourse community conventions and genre characteristics, the students' field research will be one of the primary ways that students come to appreciate and investigate these issues.

I began at UC on quarters when taking Honors English Composition was a requirement. I placed into English 112 (15ENGL112). Can English 112 count towards University Honors requirements?
Yes, English 112 is an advanced level of English Composition and is treated as an honors class (even without the "H" in the course number).

Students who entered the University Honors Program between 07A and 11A could have taken English 112 in place of English 101H and 102H (unless otherwise directed by your college).

Students who entered the University Honors Program in or prior to 07U earned 3 hours of honors credit upon completion of English 112 and another 3 hours upon completion of English 113.

Honors Experiential Learning Projects

Where can I learn about honors experiential learning projects?
Please go to

How do I submit an honors experiential learning project proposal?
On this page, you'll find the honors experiential learning project proposal along with links to information such as deadlines. Throughout the academic year the UHP has deadlines for submitting honors experience proposals.  The intent here is two-fold:  to keep you organized and working towards honors experiences and to give us an opportunity to meet as a staff and give you quality, timely feedback on your proposals.  Once you have submitted a proposal, UHP advisor will review it and offer any feedback we have.  After the proposal is complete (sometime this includes a few revisions), a student will go on to complete the experience and document in their learning portfolio. 

Honors Grants and Scholarships

How can I receive funding for an honors experiential learning project I am working on? 
University Honors has grant funds available to students completing honors experiential learning projects and honors seminars with experiential learning components. For experiential learning projects, students are asked to include a detailed budget in their experiential learning proposals.  This budget will be reviewed for an honors grant.

Are there any tuition based scholarships from University Honors?
The University Honors Program does not offer tuition based scholarships.

I’m interested in a nationally competitive scholarship or fellowship. What should I do?
Please contact UC's Office of Nationally Competitive Awards.

I'm looking for UC scholarships and/or financial aid. What offices might be good resources? 
If you are a student seeking a scholarship, the best places to look are often your college or major department and the Office of Student Financial Aid.  Some UC colleges offer scholarships that you can apply for once you are a student at UC.  Please check with Student Financial Aid, your major department or college and UC’s scholarship search for more information. Some students also find scholarships through academic or professional organizations.

Semester Conversion

How has semester conversion impacted my University Honors standing and experiences?
Students carried any earned honors experiences into semester conversion.  Learn more.

Recommendation Letters

How do I go about seeking a recommendation letter?
When seeking a recommendation letter, consider the criteria for the recommendation and who you know that could best write about you.  This may be a faculty member, your honors advisor or another staff member. 

Be sure to ask for a recommendation letter well in advance of the due date.  The more time the writer has to consider your strengths and accomplishments, the better the letter.  In addition, consider requesting this letter in person as it will give the recommender time to ask you pertinent questions about your background and interests as well as give you an opportunity to share your resume.  As honors advisors, we are more than happy to write a recommendation letter for you.

Please do not ask for recommendations letters the day (or a couple days) before they are due. Please give the writer at least two weeks notice, if not more. Faculty and advisors often write many recommendations for students and they can be time consuming. Please give as much notice as you can.

What suggestions do you have for interacting with my faculty?
Cultivating a working relationship with faculty members is very important.  Try to stop by faculty office hours, further discuss course material outside of class, and talk to faculty about the pursuit of research opportunities, internships, recommendation letters, etc.

Other Academic Questions

I would like to take 19 credit hours this semester, how do I go about doing that?
Please contact your college for more information.  Also, be aware that taking over 18 credit hours costs additional money.

How do I get a grade replacement?
For information on UC’s grade replacement policy, please visit this site:

I am a graduate student. Can I participate in the University Honors Program?
No. Students who are in graduate school are not able to participate in University Honors. The University Honors Program is for undergraduate students only. In addition, graduate students are not eligible to enroll in honors courses.


Can I graduate from the UHP if I am a pre-pharmacy student and plan to apply to enter UC's College of Pharmacy after two undergraduate years?
Yes, you can complete UHP requirements in those two undergraduate years. However, it is not guaranteed and takes careful planning and a strong commitment from you. Students who plan to do this must work very closely with their honors advisor from the very beginning of their first year at UC. You will work with your advisor to plan for completion of your five honors experiences (see our requirements page to view all requirements). Entering UC with AP, IB or PSEOP credit can be helpful to these students as those credits might provide students with openings in their schedules to enroll in honors seminars, for example.

What should I be thinking about related to the UHP if I am a pre-pharmacy student?
You will need to complete the UHP requirements in your undergraduate years at UC (typically two years) before matriculating to the College of Pharmacy. It is very important that you work with your honors advisor from the very beginning of your first year to create a plan to complete your five honors experiences. Some students do complete the UHP graduation requirements in this time period and some do not. Many factors can play a part, including your personal motivations and commitment, whether or not you entered UC with AP/IB/PSEOP credit that could help with general education elective courses, how closely you work with your advisors and follow through, etc.

In the end, it is also a matter of your personal motivations and commitments. Is graduating from University Honors a high priority for you personally? Or, are other things of a higher priority? Either is OK, it just depends on your goals, what is most important to you, what you want to get our of your time as an undergraduate and how the honors experience fits into that. There can still be great benefit to engaging in the honors community and honors experiences even if you're not able to complete the graduation requirements in two years. Your honors advisor is here to help talk through this if needed - please reach out to your advisor!

Can I continue to work on UHP requirements once I've matriculated to the College of Pharmacy?
No, students entering the UHP in fall semester 2013 or after cannot continue in the UHP once they have matriculated to the College of Pharmacy. We know that students will not continue to pursue UHP requirements or activities once in the College of Pharmacy, due to the unique requirements and pressures of pharmacy school. As a result, we work with you during your undergraduate years to help you complete UHP requirements before entering the College of Pharmacy. Once students matriculate into the College of Pharmacy, their UHP record is closed.

What resources are available to support me as a pre-pharmacy student?
UC has excellent resources to support your pursuit of pharmacy school. Visit the Pre-Professional Advising Center's website to learn more.

What are suggested honors experiences for pre-pharmacy students?
Some honors experiences fit well with the pre-pharmacy curriculum. These include:

Ask your honors advisor about other ways to pursue honors experiences by exploring your passions.

Can I study abroad if I am pre-pharmacy?
UHP pre-pharmacy students are encouraged to look at honors seminars with study tours, as these short term programs are easier to fit in for students in structured curricula. These programs are typically one-two week study tours that take place over spring break or during the break period immediately following the semester (in conjunction with a full semester course).

Pre-pharmacy students who would like to engage in a longer study abroad experience should talk with their academic advisor at the beginning of their first year, to determine whether it will be possible.

Kolodzik Business Scholars (KBS) and UHP

Can I be in both KBS and the UHP?
Yes, you can be on both programs at the same time. KBS and the UHP complement one another well and advisors from both programs work together closely.

If I am admitted to KBS am I also automatically admitted to the UHP?
No, KBS and the UHP are separate programs with different admission processes and requirements. Please look at each program's website to learn about the specifics of admission processes and requirements.

Can any of my KBS experiences serve as built-in honors experiences for my UHP requirements?
UHP students who are in KBS can count INTB3098 (Business in European Union) and INTB5021 (Costa Rica: Economic, Social, and Sustainable Development) as UHP honors experiences. For each course to count, you must successfully complete the course and study abroad component. You must also document the experience in your learning portfolio.

Lindner Honors-PLUS (LHP) and UHP

Can I be in both the LHP and the UHP?
Yes, you can be on both programs at the same time. LHP and the UHP complement one another well and advisors from both programs work together closely.

If I am admitted to LHP am I also automatically admitted to the UHP?
No, LHP and the UHP are separate programs with different admission processes and requirements. Please look at each program's website to learn about the specifics of admission processes and requirements.

Can any of my LHP experiences serve as built-in honors experiences for my UHP requirements?
UHP students who are in LHP can count the following two LHP courses as UHP honors experiences: HNPL3097 (LHP Study Abroad Practicum) and HNPL2031 (Character-Based Leadership). LHP students must successfully complete the courses (and, for HNPL3097, the study abroad component) and must also document these experiences in their learning portfolio for them to count as honors experiences.

UC Clermont, UC Blue Ash and the UHP

I am a UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont student and will transition to a four year program on UC's Clifton campus. Can I apply to the University Honors Program?
Yes, you can apply to transition into the UHP. Please visit this webpage to learn more about the application process and timeline.

I am a current UHP student and plan to transition to UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont to pursue a two year associates degree. Can I remain in and graduate from the UHP?
The UHP is designed for students in four year programs and graduating as a University Honors Scholar (or as a Distinguished University Honors Scholar) is a distinction for four year degrees only. If you transition to a two year associates degree program you will be removed from the UHP.