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University Honors Program

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Would you like a reminder about the requirements for completing the University Honors Program? Remember that UHP students can qualify for one of three designations: 1) Distinguished University Honors Scholar, 2) University Honors Scholar, or 3) Lower Division Honors (the Lower Division Honors designation is only open to students who entered the UHP prior to 07A). If you have questions about your final honors status, please contact an honors academic advisor.

Graduating from University Honors

If you are a current member of the University Honors Program and have applied to graduate, you will automatically be reviewed to graduate from the University Honors Program. If you have fulfilled requirements for any of the three designations, you will be certified as a UHP graduate. Your designation will appear on your official academic transcript and, if you are certified as a University Honors Scholar or Distinguished University Honors Scholar, on your UC diploma. 

Attending the UHP Recognition Ceremony

Learn more about the UHP Recognition Ceremony and submit an RSVP (when the RSVP system is open during spring quarter).