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Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are a select group of University Honors students who represent the University Honors Program (UHP) on campus and in the community. Honors Ambassadors share information about their experiences within the UHP as well as, more broadly, the University of Cincinnati. In addition to representing the UHP, Honors Ambassadors may also plan, coordinate, and/or co-facilitate programs with the University Honors Program.

Potential roles/responsibilities may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Sharing experiences and meeting with small groups of Gateway (HNRS1010) students
  • Assisting with and/or presenting at UC Admission events (Open Houses, Bearcats Brunch, etc.)
  • Facilitating workshops for peers on learning portfolio development, proposal writing, and reflection
  • Co-leading UHP Orientation sessions (summer)
  • Hosting prospective students and families (for lunch, shadowing a class, etc.)
  • Serving on UHP and universities committees (PLME, Honors Seminar Review, Honors Council, student focus groups, etc.)
  • Hosting social activities for the UHP community
  • Publishing their UHP learning portfolio on the UHP website
  • Promoting UHP community through social media
  • Other opportunities as they arise

Qualifications for being an Honors Ambassador include:

  • Desire to help and lead other students
  • Well-developed communication skills
  • Interest in working with a diverse team of people
  • Satisfactory progress towards completion of UHP requirements ("in good standing" with regards to your experiences, GPA, and learning portfolio)
  • Active engagement with the University Honors Program
  • Strong understanding of the University Honors Program framework and benefits
  • A committment to reflection and personal improvement

Interested learning more and potentially becoming an Honors Ambassador?



Honors Ambassadors applications are now open! 

If you are interested in working closely with the honors staff to provide information on the University Honors Program to new and prospective students, develop programming for the UHP community, and improve your leadership skills, then this is the opportunity for you!

Please make sure your learning portfolio is fully updated prior to submitting your application. Decisions and notifications are made by mid-February.

Applications are now closed. Please check back in January. 



Honors Ambassadors by Major

You are encouraged to look through the Honors Ambassador's profiles below and reach out to them with any questions you may have about their college, honors experiences, and/or other informaiton found in their profile.

A&S Humanities and Social Sciences


















Jeff Back
Jeff Back

Third Year, Interdisciplinary Studies

Alesha Hamilton
Alesha Hamilton

Second year, Psychology

Lindsey Schneider
Lindsey Schneider 

Second Year, Organizational Leadership


Alanah Vancleve
Alanah Vancleve

Third Year, Health Sciences


April McPherson
April McPherson

Fifth Year, Biomedical Engineering