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Retreat Coordinators

The retreat coordinators are the five students who will assist in the planning and implementation of the retreat as well as lead the thematic area breakout sessions during the UHP Annual Welcome Retreat, held in August.  Coordinators have several honors experiences within their assigend thematic area and are excited to share their passions with our incoming first-year students.

What do retreat coordinators do?

Retreat coordinators are some of the University Honors Program's top students and hail from various colleges across UC. Coordinators represent a breadth of experiences, inside and outside the classroom, on campus, in the community, and around the world.

Retreat coordinators will be integral parts of the retreat planning process as well as its execution.  Coordinators will work with the UHP staff in all aspects of the University Honors Program Annual Welcome Retreat.  Coordinators will help shape the vision for the retreat as well as contribute to its success through aiding in its planning and implementation.

Once selected, retreat coordinators will be assigned specific components of planning the retreat, though all five are expected to work together throughout the planning process.  Planning components are divided into three categories - "personnel," "marketing/communication," "logistics" and "synergy."

Personnel Tasks (2 coordinators)

  • Helping create an application for retreat leaders
  • Helping organize and manage the retreat leader interview process
  • Help design the retreat leader training session, to occur on a Saturday in March
  • Facilitate the retreat leader training, to occur on a Saturday in March
  • Stay in touch with retreat leaders throughout the summer

Marketing/Communication Tasks (1 coordinator)

  • Work with UHP staff to create a publication to send to incoming first year students
  • Work with UHP staff to help maintain participant information
  • Lead the t-shirt designing process
  • Document the retreat through photos and videos

Logistics Tasks (1 coordinator)

  • Assist in crafting the retreat schedule
  • Collect and organize involvement information for our retreat leaders
  • Assist in assigning participants to retreat groups and cabins
  • Assist in organizing the check-in process

Synergy Tasks (1 coordinator)

  • Assist in managing the retreat leaders
  • Assist in assigning participants to retreat groups and cabins
  • Assist in the overall organization and execution of the retreat in lieu of leading a breakout session

All coordinators will assist in the retreat leader selection process as well as be given a small group of retreat leaders to mentor throughout the spring and summer leading up to the retreat.

At the retreat, five coordinators will lead the breakout session for their assigned thematic area (research, creative arts, leadership, community engagement, or global studies). The retreat coordinator for synergy will assist the UHP staff in the overall organization of the retreat and will not lead a breakout session. After the retreat, coordinators will be asked for feedback and to help start the planning process for next year.

What are the requirements?

Retreat coordinators should to meet the following requirements:

  • In good standing with the UHP
  • At least a rising third year
  • Participated in at least one Welcome Retreat as either a student or retreat leader
  • At least four completed honors experiences by the start of the retreat
  • Willingness to take initiative
  • Availability throughout the year to help plan the retreat and train the retreat leaders

You will also be expected to commit to the following days and times:

  • Monthly meetings throughout fall and spring semester
  • Retreat leaders interview day to occur one weekend in January
  • Retreat leader training, to occur on a Saturday in March
  • All day August 17, 2015 for team-building and a walk-through of the retreat site: Camp Kern
  • All day August 18, 2015 for final training and preparing for the retreat as well as the evening, pre-retreat social activity
  • The Welcome Retreat, August 19 - 20, 2015
  • Meeting early in fall semester for debriefing and to begin planning for the following year

What is the application process?

The deadline to apply for the 2015 Annual Welcome Retreat has passed.  After the deadline, applicants who are moving forward in the process will be contacted for an interview.

Applications for the 2016 Annual Welcome Retreat will be available October 2015.

Gallery of Retreat Coordinators