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Retreat Leaders

Every summer, the University Honors Program hosts the Annual Welcome Retreat for our incoming students. This retreat is led by returning UHP students who serve as retreat coordinators and retreat leaders. The retreat leaders are the group of students who lead small groups of incoming first-years through the UHP Annual Welcome Retreat.

Who are the retreat leaders?

Retreat leaders are among the first students that the welcome retreat participants will meet. They represent a wide breadth of the UHP population, hailing from various disciplines.  Each has completed at least one honors experience and is excited to welcome the newest class of UHP students.

What do retreat leaders do?

Retreat leaders help incoming first-years form connections with each other and to the University.  Retreat leaders do this through leading a small group of participants during the retreat, teaching students UC traditions, and facilitating a social event the night before the retreat.  Additionally, retreat leaders help make the retreat successful by assisting with check-in, various administrative duties, and other required tasks.

What are the requirements to be a retreat leader?

Retreat leaders need to meet the following requirements:

  • In good standing with the UHP (currently and through the summer progress review on July 1)
  • At least a rising second year
  • At least one completed or pending honors experience (please note, being a retreat leader does not count as an honors experience)
  • Willingness to take initiative
  • Comfort with facilitating small group discussion and activities
  • Availability in spring semester and late summer

You will also be expected to commit to the following days and times:

  • Retreat leader training: April 11th 10am - 3pm
  • You need to be available throughout the entirety of each day (including evenings) from August 17 - 20.
    • All day August 17, 2015 for team-building and a walk-through of the retreat site: YMCA Camp Kern
    • All day August 18, 2015 for final training and preparing for the retreat as well as the evening, pre-retreat social activity
    • The Welcome Retreat, August 19 - 20, 2015

What is the application process?

To apply, fill out this application. The application will close on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.  Applications will be reviewed in conjunction with the student's learning portfolio.  After the deadline, applicants who are moving forward in the process will be contacted for an interview.  Interviews will occur over a weekend in January.  If you cannot make this day or you are out of town on co-op/study abroad, AndrĂ© will work to schedule an interview with you.

Please note, due to the high level of interest from students who want participate as retreat leaders, we cannot accept applications from students who have been retreat leaders two or more times previously.