Honors Seminar Call for Proposals

We welcome proposals to teach University Honors seminar courses during the 2018-19 academic year and for seminars with study tours during Fall 2019. These courses are an integral part of the University Honors Program (UHP), which is comprised of students in the top 7% of UC undergraduates across colleges and disciplines.

UHP Vision

To develop students into global citizen scholars who lead innovative efforts toward solving the world’s complex problems. Honors seminars are critical to achieving this vision.

UHP Mission 

The UHP is committed to offering students an individualized, student-centered approach to a meaningful undergraduate experience. To that end, we are dedicated to:

  • Promoting activities that lead students to discover their passions and enhance their gifts and talents.
  • Coaching students to purposefully engage in experiential learning opportunities and reflection to maximize and integrate their learning.
  • Fostering a community that prioritizes transformational personal development, civic participation, and global responsibility.

How We Compare

The UHP is quite different from most honors colleges and programs. In other programs, high-achieving students are typically required to complete advanced courses and maintain a certain GPA. The UHP furthers this with a strong focus on experiential learning and reflection as well as a focus on the individual student’s goals and aspirations. Consequently, UHP honors seminars need to be more than a highly intellectually rigorous course and must also represent the holistic mission of the program.

Getting Started


  • Dr. Theresa Culley at theresa.culley@uc.edu (Interim Director of the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards and former UHP Provost Fellow)
  • Debbie Brawn at debbie.brawn@uc.edu or 556-6226 (Administrative Director of the UHP)