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Learning Portfolio Documentation Guide

How can you capture the essence and the value of the experience you undertook? Our hope is that you document your learning in the most appropriate way, which may vary across experiences. This framework should be used as a guide and a minimum set of expectations to use when approaching the documentation process.

Keep in mind that the questions listed below are intended to serve as guidelines. While you may not answer every question posed, you should ensure that you have addressed the content associated with all five categories that follow.


  • Audience:  Make sure you are considering your prospective audience and the overall message that you want to convey about this experience. Who is your audience and why?
    • How could someone interested in doing so learn more about your involvement or a larger project/concept that you highlight?
  • Describe: What was the experience? When and where did it take place?  Who was involved? What was accomplished and/or what was the outcome(s)? Explain your role in the experience/seminar/project.
  • Reflect: Why did you choose to engage in the experience? How did the experience meet or exceed (or not) your expectations and why? Why was the experience meaningful and what did you learn?
  • Integrate: Why/how does this experience connect to your prior experiences? How might it inform your future intentions? What prior knowledge that you held was most helpful and what new, transferrable knowledge have you acquired?
  • Artifact: Include at least one meaningful artifact that showcases your learning. In addition to adding this artifact to your portfolio, explain why you chose this item and why/how it relates to the description and reflection you provided above.
    • Include a hyperlink to a downloadable version of this artifact in its original form (e.g., Word document, PDF, high-quality image, PowerPoint)
    • If this is a self-designed experience, consider including your reflective essay or other reflective material.


All honors experiences are expected to be documented in your learning portfolio within one month of completion. We also encourage you to document other significant experiences that you have, whether those happen within University Honors, at UC, or more broadly as part of your growth and development as a person.


The University Honors advising team will review learning portfolios beginning on July 1, as part of the annual honors status check process. Please us know if you have any questions or concerns.