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Year in Review

What has this year meant to you? Where did you start, what have you learned, and where do you go from here? These are the key questions to ask yourself as you craft your year in review. You will complete a year in review at the end of every academic year, which will be a required component within your learning portfolio.

This page is your opportunity to reflect upon your learning throughout the previous year and to share goals, hopes, ideas and dreams for your learning in the upcoming year. You will have already reflected on individual courses and experiences (both within and outside of University Honors) in your learning portfolio, so this summary is the “big picture” overview of your learning. 

The year in review requirement is in place for students who entered the University Honors Program beginning fall semester 2012. Please see the guidelines linked below.

How often should I update?

  • You should create your year-in-review page prior to the annual portfolio review conducted by honors academic advisors (beginning July 1).
  • Your final year’s review, which should integrate your learning throughout your undergraduate career, must be included in your portfolio prior to graduation; your honors advisor will contact you during your senior year to provide a specific deadline.

Can I use a format other than writing?

Yes! We encourage students to use the format that is most comfortable to them. For a list of ideas, you can reference the reflection page.

Featured Year-in-Reviews

Anissa Pulcheon
Industrial Design major

Melody McGee
Nursing major

Radhika Bhargava
Biological Sciences major