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Honors Experiences

Sarah Martynowski interned with the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Students in the University Honors Program are required to complete five honors experiences. There are three types of honors experiences: seminars, pre-approved experiences, and self-designed projects.

Types of Honors Experiences

  • Honors seminars - three-credit hour, interdisciplinary courses designed by faculty to engage students in special topics. Open to honors students from all disciplines.
  • Pre-approved experiences - a list of co-curricular programs and opportunities vetted by the UHP that include experiential components, facilitate reflection, and encourage integration of learning.
  • Self-designed experience - individual projects proposed by students. These can be designed from scratch or students may propose their participation in an existing program they would like to turn into an honors experience.

Thematic Areas

We've recently revised our thematic areas and learning outcomes. We use these to help students align their honors experiences and reflections. Check out the all new thematic areas and outcomes.


University Honors has grant funding available to support honors experiences. UHP students can also receive grants when presenting at academic/professional conferences.

Many students choose to do an experience that takes place outside of the United States. If you are considering doing an international honors experience, regardless of the thematic area, review our International Travel web page.