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University Honors Program

Completing an Experience

This chart is designed to help you understand the various types of Honors experiences and what is required to complete each type.

Learning Portfolio Documentation

All experiences, including seminars, pre-approved experiences, and self-designed experiential learning projects, are not complete until they have been reflected on and documented within your learning portfolio. This guide provides a framework to use in documenting and showcasing your experiences within your learning portfolio.

Reflective Essay Prompts

The reflective essay is a required component of honors experiential learning projects (except in the case of some pre-approved experiences, which may have another form of reflection already built in). Please use the essay prompts below, according to the thematic area of your project.  Submit the reflective essay to the UHP database within one month of completing your project and according to the process and deadlines outlined.

Disseminate your Learning

All self-designed experiential learning projects include a dissemination piece (articulated in the proposal) in which you share your experience and learning with others.  Students are responsible for following through and notifying their University Honors advisor when they've completed their dissemination project(s).