University Honors Program

University Honors Program

Designing Honors Experiential Learning Projects

Honors experiential learning projects are held to high standards, as outlined in the proposal form and rubric below. Students are required to submit proposals for honors experiential learning projects (except for the short list of those that are pre-approved).

Submit your proposal using the form below. In drafting your proposal, be sure to also reference the experiential learning project proposal rubric (below). Keep in mind the process and deadlines outlined for proposals, remember that proposal submission deadlines occur on the 5th of the month and that your proposal should be submitted in advance of the start of your proposed project.

If you include a budget in your proposal, it will automatically be considered for a University Honors grant

Self- Designed Experiential Learning Project Proposal Form

The proposal is a required component of honors experiential learning projects (except in the case of the short list of pre-approved experiences). Please use the standard proposal form below, and customize it to the proper thematic area of your project. Please maintain the format of the proposal.

Proposals must be submitted BEFORE a project begins. Advisors will not consider proposals for retroactive experiences.

Self- Designed Experiential Learning Project Proposal Rubric

Please use this form to evaluate your proposal prior to officially submitting it for review. Each category of your proposal must meet the "effective" criteria in order to receive approval. If you determine that your proposal does not meet the "effective" criteria, you should revise your proposal and/or contact your advisor to receive feedback prior to submitting your proposal for official review.*

*Advisors are happy to provide feedback prior to proposal submission but please note that feedback of this nature is time-intensive and thus you should send documents no less than 2 full business days prior to when you wish to receive feedback.

What's Next?


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Thematic Resources

The UHP has compiled resource pages for the following thematic areas:

Sample Proposals and Featured Portfolios

Would you like to see exemplary proposals and featured portfolios submitted by University Honors students? Please visit our Featured Portfolios page to see examples of students' honors experience documentation or the Featured Proposals and Reflections page to view samples of proposals and reflective essays!

Experiential Learning Project Ideas

The following are established organizations/programs at UC through which you could complete an honors experiential learning project.  A successful honors experiential learning project proposal is required for participation to count as an honors experience.

  • Bearcat Motorsports Formula SAE
  • Concrete Canoe Competition
  • Co-op and International Co-op
  • Engineers without Borders
  • Leadership Role with a Student Organization
  • Model United Nations
  • Munich Summer Curriculum
  • Serve Beyond Cincinnati
  • Steel Bridge Competition Team

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