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Global Studies

Go beyond your boundaries and explore unknown cultures and lands, whether they're in your own backyard or on the other side of the planet.  Global studies is more than merely traveling abroad; it is engaging the world around you to gain an appreciation for our differences while understanding our interdependence.

We strongly encourage you to pursue opportunities to learn about other cultures inside and outside the classroom, domestically and abroad.

Learning Objectives

  • Possess global literacy, including knowledge of geography, history, current world issues and similarities and differences among cultures
  • Recognize the interdependence of world economies, political systems and the environment
  • Interact with individuals from different cultures and express a sensitivity, appreciation and respect for the complex range of experiences of diverse peoples
  • Participate in a global society and understand the role of  a global citizen

Points to Consider While Writing Your Proposal

  • Itinerary - Include a copy of your itinerary, especially if you are participating in a short term program
  • Countries with a US Department of State Travel Warning - UC recently implemented a new Student Travel Policy. One aspect of this policy restricts UC-sponsored travel to countries under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning. Those who wish to visit a country with a travel warning must seek an exemption to receive permission to travel. Students traveling without a faculty or staff leader must individually request an exemption. Faculty or staff leading a group must complete a request on behalf of the entire group. More details are available at The University Honors Program cannot approve any travel to a country with a US Department of State Travel Warning until after the a travel exemption is granted by the International Travel Oversight Committee (This means that we cannot allow you to count such travel as an honors experience nor can we give you a grant if the ITOC does not approve travel.).
  • UC International Pre-Departure Orientation - You are required to attend a pre-departure orientation session with UC International Programs if your honors experiential learning project involves international travel. It is your responsibility to schedule a session with UC International.
  • Insurance - University of Cincinnati students traveling abroad on university-sanctioned or funded international travel are required to purchase and maintain continuous insurance while abroad. Learn more about CISI insurance and your options here. 
  • Academic Preparation - What classes have you taken and what articles and books have you read to prepare yourself to dive into this new culture?  In what other ways are you preparing for this experience?
  • Budget - Your budget needs to reflect that you have a grasp on the expenses you will incur.  If you do not have the final numbers, then you need to at least have strong estimates - this means that you need to do research into the cost of plane tickets, accommodations, food, and ground transportation and cite the sources where you find your numbers. If you are traveling with a program - then list the source from which you are pulling your numbers.

Sample Global Studies Theories, Books, and Resources

Going Abroad: How to Travel Like an Anthropologist by Robert Gordon

In a New Land: A Comparative View of Immigration by Nancy Foner

Introducing Global Issues edited by Micheal T. Snarr and D. Neil Snarr

The City: A Global History by Joel Kotkin

“The Political Economy of International Trade”, Milner, Helen V. Annual Review of Political Science, 1999, Vol. 2 Issue 1, p91, 24p

Global Studies Opportunities within University Honors

UHP Seminars with Study Tours

Other Honors Seminars

Interested in learning more about global studies? Here are some opportunities to investigate global studies around UC.

UC International Programs

BEARchats (through the Learning Assistance Center)

You can also find a multitude of organizations in and around Cincinnati in which you can get involved.

Global Studies

Here is a selection of Featured Proposals and Reflections.

Below is a sample reflection from Cerah Churchwright from her time in Toulouse, France.