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International Travel

Brazil 2016

Getting Started

Many UHP students take advantage of international experiences during their time at UC. Students usually focus on study, work, or volunteering abroad, and these experiences take a variety of forms and can incorporate a number of different activities. As a result, it's important that students take the proper steps to plan accordingly well in advance of their intended departure date.

All students interested in an international experience should begin by exploring what opportunities already exist by attending a First Timer Info Session hosted by UC International. For a complete list of international opportunities, visit

If you intend to propose an international honors experience independent of UC faculty or staff-led opportunities, official university student organizations, or partner organizations/exchanges, you must submit your self-designed honors experience proposal by the following deadlines:

  • October 5: Winter break experiences
  • January 5: Spring break experiences
  • March 5: May/June experiences
  • April 5: July/August experiences
  • June 5: Fall experiences
If you have any questions or doubts about whether you should submit a self-design proposal, check in with your honors advisor.