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Research and Internships

Honors grants available for full-time or part-time unpaid research or internship experiences!

University Honors students who are engaged in unpaid research or internships can apply for honors grants to support their work. To apply for a grant for your research or internship experience, submit an honors experiential learning project proposal in the appropriate thematic area. In the budget section of the proposal, indicate that the position is unpaid and list the dates and number of hours per week you will be working.

Keep these additional aspects in mind as you complete and submit your proposal:

  • Indicate whether it is full-time or part-time. If it is part-time, indicate the number of hours per week.
  • Include the dates during which you will be engaging in research or working at the internship.
  • Include a statement from the research supervisor or internship provider that indicates you've been accepted and that the work is unpaid.
  • Internships must be related to one of the UHP thematic areas.
  • Proposals are accepted according to the same deadlines as any honors experiential learning project.
  • Students who are receiving academic credit are eligible for grants.

Categories include:

  • full-time research
  • part-time research (can be throughout the academic year)
  • full-time summer internship
  • part-time internship (can be throughout the academic year)

Grants will be awarded in amounts ranging from $100 - $2000. The amount awarded will vary, depending on the hours worked and quality of proposal.

It is crucial that you read the information in the "Important Notice about Grant Eligibility, Timing of Grant Awards and Financial Aid" section of the honors grants webpage, to ensure that you are aware of how and when grants are awarded and how your individual financial aid status could impact your eligibility. For example, grants can only be posted to a student's account during a term in which a student is enrolled full time (12 or more credits). This requirement could delay the receipt of grant funds. Please read everything on the honors grants webpage.

If a research or internship experience is paid, students should still submit a proposal for it to count as an honors experience. Paid experiences can be honors experiences (including co-op).

Contact your honors academic advisor to learn more or discuss a specific project.

UHP student during an internship in Washington, DC
Habitat for Humanity
UHP student working on a service project.