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Engaging in an Internship as an Honors Experience?

University Honors students who wish to count an internship as an honors experience must submit a self-designed experience proposal. The proposal should outline your plans to ensure that the involvement will be substantial enough to meet honors experience guidelines and to ensure that you will receive honors experience credit for your work. Students must submit a reflective essay upon completion of their work and showcase in their learning portfolio in order for it to be considered as an honors experience.

UHP students can receive honors grants for engaging in unpaid internships. To apply for a grant, submit the proposal for an honors experience. Include the following with your proposal:

  • In the budget section, indicate the number of weeks of planned participation and the average number of hours per week.
  • In the budget section, include the dates during which you will be working at the internship.
  • Include a statement from the internship provider that indicates you've been accepted and that the work is unpaid.

Internship Opportunities at UC

Participating in an internship while attending the University of Cincinnati is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences students can take advantage of during their undergraduate experience. As a national leader in experiential learning, UC offers students the opportunity to intern at hundreds of employers each year. These are sometime required as part of the student's program curriculum, completed for course credit, or are simply volunteered time for additional experience in the field. Internships provide students with an experience in the field that augments what is being taught in the classroom and helps move theory into practice right in our great city. Opportunity is bountiful for our students and below you will find several options that students may take part in.

This list does not include every possible opportunity, but it does provides a great starting point to begin your search for the "right fit". The Academic Internship Program, program or college specific office, and University Honors Program are all available to assist students find the experience that will best assist them in finding their dream position upon graduation.

Academic Internship Program

The Academic Internship Program is a university-wide initiative that offers any undergraduate student the opportunity to take part in an internship opportunity. Housed in the Division of Professional Practice, the Academic Internship Program is credit-based and provides incredible professional opportunities. AIP connects interested students and prospective employers by using an innovative curriculum and teaching method to create a partnership between students, participating employers, and the University. 

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers students many resources in searching for and finding permanent placement upon graduation, but also assists current students in preparing for interviews for internships and other professional experiences. The CDC also runs career fairs and fests, on-campus recruiting, and workshops for resumes and cover letters, among many other services. Check out the internship site today!

Internship Opportunities Abroad

Interning abroad can be one of the most amazing and exhilarating experiences in a student's life. The University of Cincinnati International Programs Office can assist students with finding, planning, and completing an internship abroad. Programs last anywhere from a few weeks, to a semester or longer and many offer academic credit so students can continue working towards their degree. UC International has connections with several countries and programs to help you select the right experience. We encourage our students to meet with their college academic advisor and UC International before making this decision. Additionally, grants and other funding sources are available through a University Honors Program grant or UC International grant.

Community Opportunities

The Crossroad Health Center Volunteer Internship Program (CVIP) is one of our pre-approved experiences. This program provides the opportunity for volunteers to experience the clinical aspects of health care through patient contact and volunteer involvement. Volunteers assist physicians, nurses and administrators who are then able to share their perspective with their volunteers through mentorship and clinical training.

Other Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

There are a number of other internships available through various academic programs. We advise our students to work with their college academic advisors, faculty, and department offices to explore opportunities early and often. We suggest planning for an internship at least one semester prior to the anticipated start date.



Contact your University Honors academic advisor or email


The Academic Internship Program has announced the creation of an International Internship Program with the first program being offered during summer semester 2013. The program is a ten week internship (possibly paid) in Singapore! The program includes placements with a company, housing, cultural and language lessons, among others and is available to students in any major.

Stay tuned for more details about the next opportunity.