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Crossroad Volunteer Internship Program

C-VIP provides the opportunity for volunteers to experience the clinical aspects of health care through patient contact and volunteer involvement. Volunteers assist physicians, nurses and administrators who are then able to share their perspective with their volunteers through mentorship and clinical training.

Time invested in the program proves invaluable, as it provides each volunteer with a hands-on, didactic personal learning experience in a real clinical setting. CVIP Volunteers are respected as professional members of the patient care team. As a result, they gain an insiders' understanding of the operations of a community clinic— an experience which helps them determine their specific course for future academic endeavors.

This program, specifically geared towards the pre-medical students, will provide the opportunity to get clinical experience and mentorship at the Crossroad Clinic. This program is unique in that it is a year-long commitment where students will be able to directly communicate with patients as a case manager, work on the clinical end of patient care, and establish a relationship with the providers there. They offer very flexible shift times that can accommodate the course load of many students.

C-VIP Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide service-based, experiential learning for pre-medical (pre-health) students in the Cincinnati community. This is achieved by partnering with leaders in primary care as a way to empower students to be changemakers in their own community through solidarity with the poor.  

Guiding Principles

• Build relationships with patients and the community
• Support and learn from primary care providers through hands-on interactions
• Be proactive and engaged in providing accessible health care to a diverse patient population
• Innovate new ways in which volunteers can participate in improving the delivery of care
• Have a permanent and lasting effect on patient care and pre-medical education in our community
• Guide the next generation of healthcare professionals by providing an immersive and formative experience in primary care medicine

Application Information

Applications and interviews are only permitted during one of 3 application cycles during the year (the weeks prior to Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer).

For more information about applying, please visit this website: If you have any questions, please email

Honors Experience Information

Students wishing to count this opportunity as an honors experience should notify their honors advisor upon being seleted for the volunteer internship program. Though the experience is pre-approved, students are required to submit a reflective essay focused on community engagement and document the experience in their learning portfolio within one month of completing the full year committment to Crossroad Health Center.