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Pre-Approved Experiences

The UHP compiled a list of programs that our students can participate in to complete honors experiences. Each program has an experiential component, built-in reflection, and coaches the integration of experiences inside and outside the classroom.

A pre-approved honors experience is one in which you are not required to submit a proposal in order to earn an honors experience. These programs have been vetted by the UHP to ensure that participation fulfills the requirements of an honors experience.

The pre-approved experiences listed below will count as honors experiences if completed as directed (by the contact listed) and showcased in the student's learning portfolio within one month of the experience's completion. The experiences are listed by thematic area; click the arrow next to the thematic area to see the list of pre-approved experiences.

While some of these programs notify the UHP when students are participating, in the end it is the individual student's responsibility to make sure their honors advisor is aware that they is participating in the experience and to notify the honors advisor when the experience is completed.

Please note that some of the programs listed below have competitive application processes and/or specific deadlines. For more information about a particular program/project, please visit the website or contact the individual listed below.

Pre-approved experiences are just one way for students to complete their honors requirements. Students may also enroll in honors seminars or pursue self-designed experiences.

Contact your honors academic advisor with questions.

Explore Pre-Approved Experiences by Thematic Area