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Gateway to University Honors

Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) is a one-credit hour course that all University Honors students are required to take during their first semester of their freshman year. Transition students will complete this course the semester they join the program.

Gateway to University Honors provides students with the opportunity to understand what it means to be a member of the University Honors Program and the requirements and benefits of their participation. Through a series of reflective assignments and discussions, students will begin to explore how they want to make the most of their time at the University of Cincinnati and beyond.

Through a series of activities, assignments, and discussions, students who actively participate in this course will:

  • Understand the requirements and benefits of participation in the University Honors Program
  • Evaluate personal goals and interests related to the four University Honors Program thematic areas
  • Explore the value of reflection and engage in the reflection process
  • Develop relationships with members of the University Honors Program community

Registration Information

Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) does NOT carry a fee for full-time students.  If the student is taking the maximum number of credit hours (18), s/he can still enroll in this class without being charged additional tuition fees. Students who are already at 18 credit hours must receive authorization from their college academic advisor to register for the 19th credit hour. Please contact your college advising office to find out how to receive this authorization.

Course Quick-Links

Each Gateway to University Honors course instructor will maintain an individual Blackboard page with course documents and assingment directions. Quick links to some of the websites you will reference throughout the semester are listed here:

Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to connect with honors ambassadors.

Honors student reflecting in Gateway

“The most significant part of this class was that it forced us to think about ourselves, our values, and what we hope to accomplish by the time we graduate.”

Upper-class student presenting in Gateway

"[Prior to Gateway], I had not taken the time to truly figure out how to express [my beliefs]… as we practiced verbalizing it in class, I delved deeper into my own beliefs and my understanding of the world."

Student discussing a topic in Gateway.

“The reflective assignments... forced me to actually put into words and clarify that which I'd known for a long time and to do things that I'd wanted to but for which I hadn't found the time.”