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University Honors Session at Bearcats Bound Orientation

Students and parents/guests will meet University Honors Program staff members and students during Day One of Bearcats Bound Orientation. Our session will be 7:45-8:45 a.m. in the Tangeman University Center Cinema. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about:

NOTE:  We will not have a session during CCM orientation. As an alternative, you are welcome to visit our office (700 Swift Hall) during your free time to meet with our staff. Our office is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Fall Semester Registration Information

During Bearcats Bound Orientation, you will register for your fall semester classes with a college academic advisor. Although your honors advisor will not be on-hand while you register, your college advisor is aware of your requirements as a member of the University Honors Program. Please keep the following information in mind with regards to honors when registering for fall semester classes.

  1. Students are required to take Gateway to University Honors (HNRS1010) in fall semester of your first year.
    • Students should register for the course in the fall semester. If your schedule does not permit to include this class, please contact a University Honors academic advisor during or immediately following your orientation session to discuss your options.
    • Sections will only be offered in the fall semester.
    • Gateway to University Honors does NOT carry a fee. If students are taking the maximum number of credit hours (18) as a full-time student, students can still add the course without being charged additional tuition fees. Special permission by the student's primary college is needed to take 19 credit hours in this situation.
  2. Students may begin to take honors seminars in the fall semester (View seminar offerings in the fall semester).  Most honors seminars can fulfill a general education requirement, and all honors seminars will fulfill an honors experience.
  3. Please contact your University Honors academic advisor with questions about University Honors Program requirements during or after registration.

Welcome Newsletter

You should recieve a copy of our Welcome Newsletter in the mail during the first couple weeks of May. We encourage you to read through the information as a way to learn more about UHP and the opportunities that are waiting for you at UC!

UHP staff spending quality time with The Bearcat.

UHP staff spending quality time with The Bearcat.

Student Orientation Leaders (SOLs).

During Bearcats Bound Orientation, students are place into small groups lead by Student Orientation Leaders (SOLs).

Group of SOLs

Many UHP upper-class students serve as SOLs because they enjoy welcoming first-year students to UC.