2018- 2019 Housing Applications


The 2018-19 Housing Application is open.

As of March 1, new incoming freshman, transfer, and current student not currently living in univeristy housing may apply for campus housing. This is a 2-part self-assignment process. You can submit your housing application now to secure your spot in the room selection pool and will return in May to complete the room selection process. Student select the exact hall, floor, and room of their choice!


Interested in spring 2018 housing only?

We've got you covered! The spring only housing application is still  ive. Click the red "apply now" button  to submitt your spring only housing application.  


Need a summer apartment? We have summer rates starting as low as $1200.

Location, location, location: convenience with amenities!
• Not registered for summer classes? No problem, if registered for either this spring or the coming fall.
• Living on campus this spring? Extend your contract for the summer!
• On local co-op? Live on campus!
• Affordable meal plans available for CenterCourt dining center, but are not required.

Click the red "apply now" button to start your summer semester application.




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