The University of Cincinnati offers a wide array of benefits for you and your family. Eligibility is based upon classification, FTE, and other criteria.  Eligible employees are able to select from various levels of coverage in each benefit plan.

Changes can be made to your elections upon being hired, during open enrollment in November of each year, or if you've had a life event that is a qualified status change.

New benefits information sessions this spring!

Puzzled about your Health Savings Account?   Interested in learning more about how you can maximize your HSA?  Join a representative from the UC Benefits Team to learn how to make the most of your HSA.  We will also discuss HSA investment options through Health Equity, our partner bank.  Let us help you understand more now so that you can continue to Choose Well in the future. Sign up for the HSA session through HR Edge.

Puzzled about your UC benefit plans?   You don’t have to wait until Annual Enrollment to have your questions answered.  Talk with a UC Benefits representative now!  We’ll review your benefit selections with you to help you learn more about your current plans and costs.  Let us help you understand more now so that you can continue to Choose Well in the future.  Register here for a 20-minute personalized session.  Registration is required.  To make the most of the meeting, please review and print a copy of your benefits confirmation through your ESS account.

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E-Learnings have been set up to guide you through the benefits available to you.

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