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IMPACT Solutions Skill Builders


What are Skill Builders?

Skill Builders are online training lessons in a variety of professional and personal development topics found on the IMPACT Solutions website.

The lesson’s content may include surveys, QuicTools and Microsoft Word documents for download.

An individual can access a Skill Builders lesson from the IMPACT Solutions website and may optionally print a certificate upon completion. The time to complete a Skill Builders lesson varies depending on the topic and the learner.

How might Skill Builders lessons be used?

Several examples are:

  • As a self development tool for anyone interested in the topic
  • By a supervisor in identifying development areas for an employee
  • As a resource for areas identified on an employee’s Performance Improvement Plan

How are the Skill Builders lessons accessed?

IMPACT Solutions Online Skill Builders can be accessed at:

IMPACT Solutions is the university's Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) provider.