Return to Work

Return to Work Process - Applicable Only if Other than Full Duty Release

  • Employees are required to provide work release documentation from the treating medical provider at the time of the UHS visit. The documentation should specify the actual date the employee may return to work, specific work restrictions or accommodations needed, the expected duration of the restrictions and the date of next medical evaluation. 
  • The UHS medical care provider evaluates the employee prior to returning to work and may direct the employee to schedule follow-up visits.  The UHS medical care provider determines the employee’s work capability and readiness to participate in work activity.
  • Sometimes additional medical information is needed by the UHS medical care provider to clarify the extent of work restriction and the expected duration.  In this case, the employee is asked to sign a release of information form allowing UHS consultation with the medical care provider.
  • The UHS medical care provider documents the release date the employee may return to work, any specified work restrictions, and the duration of the restrictions and/or date of next medical follow-up evaluation appointment.
  • Following the UHS medical assessment, the employee presents the UHS provided Return to Work OR Accommodation Request form to his/her department. The employee is expected to follow-up with UHS as directed by the UHS medical care provider and/or as specified on the Return to Work OR Accommodation Request form.
  • If restricted duty or reasonable accommodations are needed, the supervisor completes the response section of the Return to Work or Accommodation Request form and faxes the response to Human Resources.
  • During medical recovery, the Human Resources Department may coordinate additional rehabilitation interventions and resources as needed to promote full recovery and safe work.

Additional Information

  • This Return to Work Process is also applicable to employees having a work-related injury or illness, employees requesting  reasonable accommodations and employees needing fitness-for-duty related evaluation.
  • All employees with a work-related injury or illness who miss more than one (1) full day of work or have work restrictions related to the injury/illness are to be evaluated by UHS before resuming work.  See UC Advisory 12.2 (Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses).
  • All employees requesting ADA reasonable accommodations are directed to review and follow UC procedures outlined.
  • If a supervisor/manager/director has a reasonable belief that an employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of his/her job is impacted by a medical condition (including surgery or hospitalization) or mental condition, the supervisor/manager/director is encouraged to contact the Sr. Leave Administrator (513-556-6381) for assistance.

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