Workplace Accommodation

Contact UC Human Resources any time you have questions related to return-to-work, transitional work, workplace accommodations, or need help exploring funding resources for rehabilitation interventions and work accommodations.

UC Human Resources provides employees with disability and workplace accommodation services which are designed to assist any UC employee experiencing medical impairment restricting capacity to safely continue working or safely return-to-work.

Additional information can be found on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) page.


workplace accommodation

UC Parking Information (for workplace accommodation needs)

Parking in UC garages/lots is available on a first-come first-served basis. Information regarding UC parking permits can be found at  Specific parking spaces are not reserved and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Disability parking spaces are available in all UC garages and lots as required by law.  Disability parking spaces are not reserved and should only be used by those persons with a valid, state-issued disability registration. 

To obtain permanent or temporary parking accommodation in a UC garage/lot which has a WAITING LIST (no open spaces available for purchase) follow the appropriate process below.

  • If you have a permanent or temporary State issued disability placard, email a copy of your registration to or fax to 513-558-0676. Please provide your UC ID number, specify your current work location and your requested UC garage/lot location. The Sr. Leave Administrator will contact you with additional information.
  • If you have a temporary medical need, call University Health Services (UHS) at 513-584-4457 to schedule a needs assessment appointment. You must present documentation from your health care provider, substantiating your medical need for temporary parking accommodation at the time of the UHS visit. UHS will provide you with a Return to Work OR Accommodation Request form if appropriate. Email a copy of the UHS form to or fax to 513-558-0676. The Sr. Leave Administrator will contact you with additional information.
  • If you have an ADA Accommodation Request, please send an email to or call Human Resources at 513-556-6381 to schedule a time to meet with the Sr. Leave Administrator and discuss your needs.

Disabled individuals may contact the State of Ohio, Bureau of Motor Vehicles at for information about and assistance with obtaining a state issued disability parking permit.

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