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Satisfactory Progress for Tuition Remission and Appeals

Tuition Remission under Board Rule 30-13-07 provides university employees as well as their spouse, domestic partner, and eligible dependents with specific parameters regarding educational tuition assistance.  Tuition remission is a UC employment benefit administered by the Human Resources Department.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

In addition to the employment requirements for receiving the Tuition Remission benefit and the limitations outlined, the rule stipulates that continued eligibility is contingent upon maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress based on criteria established by the Student Financial Aid Office as required by federal law as and regulations.  Refer to the Student Financial Aid website for details on the federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Additional Guidelines

Maximum Number of Attempted Hours - Spouses, domestic partners, and dependents are limited to 144 total hours of undergraduate credit hours attempted.  Students in associate degree programs are encouraged to complete their degree within 120 hours in order to have eligibility consideration to complete their bachelor's degree within the remaining maximum hours.

AAUP faculty members are not penalized by taking classes for a T (audit) grade, otherwise considered as non-satisfactory toward meeting progress.

Eligibility is not recalculated when a student changes major or completes a degree.

Tuition Remission Satisfactory Progress Reinstatement Procedures

At the end of spring term each year, the academic records of all employees, spouses, domestic partners, and dependents who are receiving or applying for tuition remission will be reviewed.  Those students who fail to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress based on criteria established by the Student Financial Aid Office as required by federal laws and regulations will be notified by Human Resources that they are no longer eligible to receive tuition remission assistance.  This notification will also outline steps students can take to restore their eligibility.

Students have the following options available:
  1. Complete 12 credit hours at UC (in a single term or over multiple terms) with a 2.0 GPA without the use of tuition remission; or
  2. Make up any deficient hours at UC and/or bring up overall UC GPA to a 2.0 without the use of tuition remission; or
  3. Submit a written appeal if the failure to maintain satisfactory progress was due to extenuating circumstances.

Notification of completing one of the first two options or an appeal is submitted by the student to the Human Resources Department. The academic record will then be reviewed to determine if tuition remission eligibility will or will not be reinstated for future terms.

Upon any reinstatement of tuition remission eligibility, the student's record will be reviewed each term.  If the student's grades indicate possible failure to meet Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress, a warning letter will be sent after fall and winter terms.  If the student fails to make Satisfactory Academic Progress by the end of the spring term, he/she will no longer be eligible for tuition remission until the student once again meets the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

Employees and their spouses/domestic partners and eligible dependents must maintain satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for tuition remission.  In the event a student is determined to no longer meet applicable standards, he/she will be notified via email shortly after grades are posted for the term.

Individuals have the right to request an appeal for ongoing tuition remission eligibility.  An appeal may be submitted to substantiate the occurrence of an extenuating circumstance, which resulted in the lack of satisfactory academic progress.  Extenuating circumstances are unexpected, significantly disruptive events beyond a student's control, which have affected the student's academic performance.  An example includes a serious or emergency medical condition that occurs during an academic term and that can be verified by a physician's statement.  Appeals will not be accepted for review of attempted credits/hours where the 144 hour maximum has been reached.

Request for Appeal of Tuition Remission Eligibility

To request an appeal for continued tuition remission eligibility due to a lack of satisfactory academic progress, an employee/ spouse/domestic partner must email the Human Resources Department at within 30 days of receipt of notification of unsatisfactory progress to the student. 

The email must include:

  • The student's name, M number, telephone number
  • Reason for the appeal

If the appeal is based on medical circumstances of either the employee/spouse/dependent/domestic partner or a family member, an email must be sent to the Human Resources Department at

The email must include: 

  • The student's name, M number, and telephone number
  • A brief summary of the illness
  • A specific diagnosis
  • The actual date of the medical treatment or service

The information must be printed on the physician's or hospital's official letterhead.

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