Financially Fit - 2018


Learning how to be financially fit can help you to improve your health, wellness and overall morale.  When your finances are causing you stress, it can be hard to find time for other aspects of wellness. This challenge will help you to take control of your finances and recognize where you may need to do a little bit of “heavy lifting” to feel secure and well with your financial wellness.

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Important Dates


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Challenge Details

  • All program materials will be available on the Alyfe portal on 2/12.
  • Login to download your materials and to begin completing your tasks.
  • Pace yourself – use our weekly guide to take your time over the course of the 4-week challenge and work up your financial fitness with a variety of tools.
  • At the end of the challenge:
    • All worksheets, activities and guides are confidential and yours to keep!  Only turn in your Tracking Sheet.
    • Earn 5 points for each action item you complete on the tracking sheet!
    • Fill in your tracking sheet and submit it to or to ML0039 (attention Be Well UC) - due by noon on 3/30!
  • Points will be added for you and visible in the Alyfe portal by 4/6.

Program Tracking & Resources

The ONLY document you submit to Be Well UC at the end of the challenge is the tracking sheet.  Everything else is yours to use and then keep. All documents are fillable pdfs, so you are welcome to download and save to a computer and work online.

YOU CHOOSE whether you wish to complete the challenge all at once or as weekly tasks.

Please note - all are welcome to participate in this challenge.  Those eligible for incentives can earn up to 40 points for turning in their tracking sheet.

Directions and Tracking Sheet

Directions & Tracking Sheet

Week 1 Document

Week 1

Week 2 Document

Week 2

Week 3 Document

Week 3

Week 4 Document

Week 4

If you need assistance or help with using the Alyfe Wellbeing portal, please contact Alyfe via email at or by phone (844) 384-0500.

If you would like to reach a member of the Be Well UC Team, please email