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For all who have completed the "First $50," you will see your incentive on your
April paycheck (4/17 for bi-weekly). 

Grow Gratitude - 2018

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Let us know what you thought about the Financially Fit Challenge!

The first challenge of 2018 has wrapped up!  Check out how it went and what your UC colleagues enjoyed about the Financially Fit Challenge.

  • 201 employees participated and collectively earned 7,965 points
  • Top activities employees shared to increase their financial wellness:
    • Brought lunch to work at least 3 days of the work week instead of eating out (52%)
    • Made coffee at home all week (30%)
    • Used coupons or other saving apps to reduce expenses (21%)
    • Collected loose change and depositing into savings account (37%)
    • Created a savings plan for the next month (34%)
    • Established emergency fund (28%)
Financially Fit Challenge Overview
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Here's what participants had to say:

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge especially the activities to stretch my budget and track my spending."
  • I enjoyed this program and utilized several of the tools offered."
  • "This program was fabulous, with the small steps that could lead to large changes."
  • "I really enjoyed this challenge and learned lots of things.  The additional resources were awesome!!"

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