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Choose Your Own Challenge

Want something new to do with your colleagues or on your own?  Build Your Own Challenge gives you a chance to set your own time frame and your own goals and earn Be Well UC points while you do!

Additional challenge options will be added to the website as they are developed.

Max points earned per year for participating in
Build Your Own Challenges = 150 points!



Get Your Fitness On Challenge

  • Participate for 4 Weeks, earning 1 point per actiivity - 10 points max per week.
  • Earn an additional 10 points for participating with a team (don't have to workout with them, just support one another and help to keep each other accountable).
    •  If you are participating as a team, we ask that one person collects all forms and sends them together so the additional points will be added correctly.
  • Improve your fitness week by week - increase your goal(s) at your own pace to see how much you can push yourself to try just a ltitle more. Example:
    • Week 1 - 4 glasses of water/day
    • Week 2 - 5 glasses of water/day
    • Week 3 - 6 glasses of water/day
    • Week 4 - 7 glasses of water per day - end goal!
  • Determine what aspect of movement (or supporting movement) is important for you to improve upon:
    • Stretching
    • Cardio
    • Strength
    • Meditation/breathing
    • Hydration
  • Once you've completed your challenge, submit your forms via email to or to Ashley Varol, UC Be Well, ML0039.
Get Your Fitness On Challenge

Eat for a Week for Under $40!

Earn up to 40 points for trying to make your meals for under $40 (per portion).  Learn how to make healthy, wholesome food with the guidelines provided, and how to make your per portion costs low.  Consider saving time by making large batches of whatever you may be eating and saving them for another day!  You can do this!

Under 40 Challenge
under 40 challenge
under 40 challenge

Additional Resources

Click on the images for a downloadable flyer and presentation to help you get started!

eat well and save well flyer
healthy eating on a budget presentation

New Challenge Options