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Feel Well

We know navigating healthcare information can be challenging. Find helpful, easy to follow health education from reputable resources, including some from UC. We hope to help you learn more about how to make your health your top priority as it’s the best tool you have for a successful, happy life!

Feel well images including doctor medicine and treatment

What's the difference between the different healthcare settings available?

There can be significant differences in the costs and wait times depending on the healthcare setting you choose to go for medical services.  The below graphic walks you through options for when to access each, estimated costs (based on data from Castlight) and estimated wait times.  We hope this will help you feel more empowered as a healthcare consumer.

Choose the right healthcare setting for you

LiveHealth Online: basic healthcare needs & mental health services

LiveHealth Online, the online service from Anthem, now includes the ability to schedule an appointment with a licensed therapist about issues with stress, anxiety, depression, with flexible scheduling including evenings and weekends. Here is more about getting started with LiveHealth Online, including FAQs.

LiveHealth Online

Asset Health Courses

Log-on to the Asset Health portal to take the following courses on topics to help you Feel Well:

  • Managing Hypertension
  • Preventing Diabetes
  • A Guide to Women’s Health
  • A Guide to Men’s Health
  • Protecting My Back from Injury

Preventive Screenings

Having regular, preventative health screenings are important so you can stay well and catch issues before they become serious problems.  As a benefit of our health plan, preventative screenings are free of cost, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. 

Here's some information from Anthem about preventive screenings.

Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learn topics will be posted as they are confirmed. Use the Events page to see all topics or use the HRTO registration tool to sign up.  For a quick view of all topics, you can also visit the Event Downloads page where we invite you to share and post upcoming programming with your colleagues, family and friends!

Earn Incentives While Working to Feel Well

Visit the Incentive page to learn more about the incentive structure and what you earn with your points!

Wellness Program Option Points Per Activity Description of Activity
Have a “well-visit” or a physical exam 20 points

You don’t have to be sick to visit your doctor.  Consider going annually to have your vitals checked, learn about health risks that may apply to you and discuss any questions or thoughts you have to maintain a good bill of health.

Have a dental exam 20 points Dental health is important to your overall health.  The Mayo Clinic recommends reviewing your medication list with your dentist too, as several can have an impact on your oral health! Having an annual exam and cleaning can prevent issues that could result in loss of teeth or disease.
Attend a Feel Well Lunch & Learn 10 points Upcoming lunch and learns are listed above.  Feel Well topics have been developed to help you learn more about what matters to you, including heart disease, diabetes, health concerns related to your family and preventive steps you can take to Feel Well.
Get a flu vaccine 10 points Take advantage of this service free at the Benefits Fair, or visit your primary care physician or a local clinic to protect yourself against the flu!
Affirm you are tobacco free 20 points Non-smoker?  Way to go!  Let us know by affirming this on the Asset Health portal, and you receive points for maintaining this good healthy habit.
Complete a tobacco cessation program 20 points Giving up tobacco products is a big undertaking – but you are never too old to quit – and the research shows that there are many health benefits.  A summary of the benefits is available on this factsheet from the CDC – so keep up the good work!

Looking for some more help? 

We are always open to new and interesting resources.  See list below.

Campus Resources

National Organizations and Online Resources

The below links will take you to additional, reputable websites for more information to help you live a healthy life.


Have questions?  Visit our FAQs or Contact Us – we’re here to help you succeed!