Go for Gold - 2017

Earning points for wellness is easy!  Follow these step-by-step instructions, use the downloadable guide or follow along in our Go for Gold video (below).  We hope everyone working toward wellness can earn their $240 incentive in 2017.  And - we look forward to having you participate in 2018!

To Complete Step 2 & log points, follow the steps below:

  1.  Click the “Activity Tracking & Progress” tab
  2. Click the “Incentives Reporting” tab
  3. Select the date of each activity you’re reporting
  4. Find and submit each activity
  5. Aim for one of the incentive levels: Bronze $120, Silver $180, Gold $240

Looking for a way to earn more points?

Complete any of the 10 Health Courses!  Click the “Health Courses” tab then select a course.  Once finished, 20 points per course will be automatically added to your total (up to 200 points available).

Go for Gold Directions Flyer
Drop In Session Flyer

Still need some help?

Grab a mobile device or just walk in and join us for a drop in session.  The Be Well UC Team is here to help!

If these dates/times/locations don't meet your need, consider reaching out to us directly:

  • Email: wellness@uc.edu
  • Call Ashley Varol: 513-556-3729
  • Call Ashley Martin: 513-556-0116